Dusk and the Deadly Hexes: Background Stories etcMature

Dusk Angel Levy, that's me, and my 2 dearest friends Christi and Tiffany as we make our way through life. There is guaranteed to be much laughter and tears from laughing so hard. Love, and friendship is a definite part of this story. Read, and enjoy.

Howdy, all.  My name is Dusk Angel Levy and I am going to start off by telling y'all a little bit about myself as well as my two dearest friends/ bandmates.  I am 26 years old and the youngest in my group of friends.  I have shoulder length light blonde hair, green eyes and i stand at six feet two inches tall.  I have a black cat names Phantom and a German Shepherd dog named Roxie.  Phantom came into my life when I was going through a tough time and feeling a tad bit suicidal.  T'was right after I'd lost my beloved Jinx a white cat whom I'd had since he was a 2 week old kitten.   Roxie was also a rescued pet.  She was incredibly loyal and extremely protective of Phantom and I.     I mentioned that I am in a band, well my closest friends for over 20 years and I had decided as teens that we wanted to start a rock band. We decided to Call ourselves the Deadly Hexes.  I'm the drummer/back-up singer; Christi is the guitarist/lead singer and Tiffany is the keyboardist/bassist/background singer.  We were trying to make it big in the music world but only had a small following so far.   I am going to tell the rest of our story so fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the ride!!

I was getting ready to go to California with the other members of the Deadly Hexes.  I was so much more excited to go than they were because I was hoping to meet some celebrities while out in L.A.  Hopefully a certain Robert Pattinson, or Mr. Kellan Lutz.  Either one would be fine for me. I had made arrangements to take Roxie and Phantom with us.  Christi was packing her bags in the bedroom across from mine in the huge apartment that we all shared and she was singing her heart out.  She was practicing her vocals for one of our new songs.  Tiffany was already packed and waiting for Christi and I. She always complained about how slow we were when it was time to go anywhere. I'd always stick my tongue out at her and laugh when she'd try to hit me. I'd just dodge and run usually tripping over nothing and falling on my face. She always got the last laugh when it came to teasing me.  Christi was always the calm, collected one in our little trio. 

The End

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