"Blase, mate," said Alik, "you gotta apologise to Durrington, mate, you've been bang out of order recently..."

"...an' god only knows wha's got into you. You've been snappy 'n' mean, an' i don't get why you can't just let the guy fit in with us. Wha's 'e ever done to you?"

"Well, nothing...I suppose, but he's turned up here and threatened our safety by screaming at all hours of the night..." Jemima stood up.

"What the bloomin' 'ell do you think you're goin' on about, Blase?! 'E's managed not to scream for the past week full of nights! 'E's been quieter than a baby, and much quieter than your snorin'. You really do need to apologise. You've been nothing but mean to poor Durrington ever since he found us and asked for 'elp. You've got to say sorry." she stopped, frowning mightily.



"I'm everso sorry for being a grouchy guy all the time you've been here. It's just it's nearly winter and I don't know how we're going to survive."

"That's ok. And I also have a solution...me, " he paused, and laughed at the confused looks on everyone's faces, "well, I fit in more than you lot, so i can go and get a job or something, and earn a bit of money, so we can afford food and new clothes and all that. Then maybe we won't be constantly moved from pillar to post. And if I was a bit warmer I wouldn't relive the bad times of my life, only the good ones, and then I wouldn't scream anymore."

The End

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