"Blase you gotta calm down mate! It ain't his fault he's so weird!" muttered Alik. Blase looked moodily at the floor.

"Well, he doesn't make life easy, screaming at all hours, keeping us awake, making it obvious we're here. We're not SUPPOSED to be here. If the authorities found out..." Blase petered out, looking queasy at the thought.

"I know, mate...they'd chuck us out for being 'changelings' and 'freaks'. Ever since they brough' in the legislation against changelings life's been bloody 'ard. Moving from pillar to pos' and being shoved 'ere and there by the well-meaning bloomin' authorities...it's no' on."

Jemima gave them a funny look from her position next to Durrington.

"Don't tell me you're bein' mean to Durrington for somethin' 'e can't 'elp. Tha's ou'rageous, and downrigh' mean, Blase. How'd you like it? You wouldn' tha's how."

The End

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