"What do you mean, like us?" asked Blase, "he's nothing like us. He's no freak of nature."

The others looked at him in surprise.

"I dunno what you've been watchin', mate," said Alik, "but if there's ever a freak 'ere it's 'im." Blase shrugged, looking awkward.

"You know what I mean. He's ok looking, sounds normal, has been to school, knows how to blend in...everything except his dreams are normal. That's not how being a freak works. We stand out because of how we act, how we talk, how we look. People glance at us and cross the road. That's how it works."

They all looked at each other.

"'E does 'ave a point, but that's not the point. 'E's different, 'e doesn't fit in. Nor do we, so 'e belongs with us."

The End

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