I whirled round and glared at where the Achitype once stood. The Mist rose and curled around my finger tips, willing itself into existance. My rage was brimming.
  "Still the angry child I see Tempest one." One of the dead sneered. " I bet the lord regrets making you now." I raised my hand and shot it through with mist. A gaping hole appeared in its belly.
  "That was your first and last warning." I growled.
  "What did you say to that creature?" The dead one asked. Lucifer grinned at me.
  "He said 'Your time has come.' "Lucifer sneered. I glared at that spot where the architype had been. I couldn't control it and let all of my rage out into the plane. A ball of blinding light escaped my body and felled the dead, returning themm to their bodies. Mortarna was one of my closest friends and that monster extermiated him like some common cockroach.
  " Is living so wrong to you!" I yelled at the sky, knowing he was listening. Without Lucifer's consent, I started to blow the plane to pieces. My rage was begining to manifest itself as raw energy. There was only so much energy in the universe and if you added more the universe tore itself apart.
   Lucifer dissapeared into thin air and fled to safety.
  "Fear the wrath of the lord of time!" I devoured the plane of the dead and teleported to earth.
   Beside me was Lucifer. My preasence on earth cracked the pavement. The insects looked round to look at me. My rage was beginning to erupt out of me. My roar was the roar of time. It started to bend and warp. Tyme turned and stared at me.
   The dead started to walk again. The living ran for their lives while Tyme, in human form, walked up to me.
  "Joonok Gratnasia actora!" He yelled at me. Yes Gratnasia was comming.
  "Terra orc attersnat." I replied. Tyme just stared at me. I gathered the Mist and destroyed him. At that same instant I heard a roar of everything. The time had come for him to appear. "Come on then! Take me on if his majisty dares!"  Footsteps sounded behind me.
  "Grow up boy, Lucifer, you should be ashamed." That harsh, gravaly voice could only be one thing.
  "Gratnasia!" I shouted in a suprised tone. You didn't usually surprise me. I could see what would happen. What did happen and what is hppening.
  "Welcome to my new creation gentlemen. Also known as your graves." He smiled.   

The End

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