As we stared at each other, a huge shock wave rippled through the plane of existance. The mist had just frozen (not the normal kind of mist.) Lucifer and I looked around in shock. Mortana was destroyed. I stared at him. His face was contorted in pain.
   " What's going on?" Lucifer yelled, panic in his eyes as he fell to the ground.

The Architypes where here, the creatures that where creation. I could see reallity streching and rending itself to their claws. I grabbed Lucifer's arm and towed him out of the cave. Behind us the ground exploded exposing the creature known as Tyme. It's malice called forth lightning, it swathed a path of destruction through the land of the dead. It's huge mass was domiated by a pair of wings like angels. It's lidless face stared at the dead. A ball of fire launched itself into the throng. I heard screams and cries for mercy. That thing new no such privalige.
   "Why have I been drawn here?" It moaned, teeth clattering against bone.
   "Dur'est callac terdernam." I responded. I heard the dead whispering. Their souls dissapeared, returning to the bodies that had forsaken them. The creature smiled.
   "Apocol'ypan." It smiled taking flight.
   The apocolypse had begun and the war between the Architypes and the universe was about to begin. 

The End

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