As I walked through the tunnels of the dead, I noticed the lack of dead souls. They appeared to have dissapeared. As though eaten...
   I walked into the main throne room, where Mortarna usually sat on his all-ruling throne. He was king of the dead, at least he was. Until I spied the dark king sitting on the throne: The Devil.
   "What are you doing on his throne?" I scathed. "Hell wasn't enough for you Lucifer?" I was starting to be suspicious now.
   Something wet hit my fore head: it was a dark green fluid. I looked up and saw, chained to the ceiling, Mortana. He was bleeding all over, green blood dripping from open wounds. He could not die. As the master of life and death he wasn't about to let himself be confined to damnation was he?
   " No, he imprisoned me. Now I shall make a conquest of this plain and destroy the Lord." Lucifer replied, he was refering to God. I was a creature of light, I could destroy this createn called lucifer if I wished. But this would destroy the world as it needs both good and evil to function in the dark recesses of space...
   " Get out of this plain! You are not welcome here! " I ordered, striking him with a tongue of flame.
   Lucifer laughed at me. I knew then he wasn't going without a fight...

The End

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