Oh, how I ache to spirit those parasites away from Creation, a work of majesty I so loyally seek to preserve. I try to take them, one by one, to a different time, but their frail bodies can't handle it. They are too short lived, their physical shells wither to dust as I carry them through the barriers, and only their shrieking soul is left to be deposited. Even the cherubim, ageless beings such as myself, aged a little when I brought them over, passing them through time.

    But enough of the past, and no more shall I dwell on this futile situation. I am Garat-Novanda, Keeper of Time: I will dive into my future. I will assume my place beside Garat-Plethorae, the Three Who are One, and impose my will over all time, not just the present. It will be a glorious day, my re-ascension,  my hand thrust back into heaven.

    First, however, I must deal with the pitiful humans, these being of a squalid four dimensions. They have height, breadth, span, and duration. Their lack of the fifth is both their biggest strength and their biggest weakness.

    I must say, it will be a shame to finally rid myself of a quarry. Whatever shall I do once they are vanquished? I'll cross that bridge when I find it, then burn it swiftly following.

The End

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