Dun'nim ak Carianet.

Most say the ethirial beings speak latin. That's a lie. They speak the language of the Lost Ones. The beginning of time is a lie, space is a lie, for there are many of these so called universes paralell to each other.
   But there exists two who command all in existance; The Lord himself and his dark counter-part: the Devil. A fallen angel. He is the one who begins this story and the one who ends it, but for which side I know not...

I am the time keeper. The lord created me to guard the passage of time and make sure all things occur no matter how much I don't want to. My name is Garat- Novanda, it means 'He who understands' in the language of the Old Ones.
   I don't understand one thing and one thing only: why are humans existing still? The Lord would kill them to save me from the task of ripping them into another time, one when they couldn't do any damage.

The End

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