Dull Night InMature

 She opened the door, peeking out to see who had knocked. He smiled broadly at her, and she warmly returned the smile. “Mew.” She said in greeting.

“Merfle.” He replied as she opened the door, inviting him in. “How goes?”

She tilted her head slightly, puzzled. “Merfle?”

He snickered slightly. “A buddy of mine used to have a pet ferret that would make a sound like that when he ran across the room.”

She nodded in understanding. “Ah.”

She led him to the living area of her small dorm room. She began clearing a seat for him by the door. He stood watching her, a slight glint in his eye she neglected to notice. “How goes your day?” he asked casually.

She found, pouting slightly. “I need pick-me-up food.”

“Oh? Feeling a bit down?” He frowned sympathetically.

She sighed. “Just a shitty day...”

He caught her arm gently as she stood from clearing the chair, pulling her into a hug.

She leaned into his embrace, sighing slightly. “Thanks...”

He smiled at her as she went back to absent-mindedly tidying. “No prob.”

She harrumphed, seeming a bit exasperated. “Is it sad I wish bad things upon myself for attention?”

“Maybe; but to some extent I'd love to give you attention by doing bad things to you...” He smiled flirtatiously. She laughed at his comment, smirking mischievously over her shoulder. “Lazy night?” he asked.

She stopped, sighing again. “Just... Blegh...”

Before she can react, he grasped her, pushing her hard against the wall, pressing firmly against her body, gazing hungrily into her eyes. She blinked, biting her lip as she looked back up at him. “Ye-yes?” Without answering, he kissed her deep and hard, nipping her bottom lip roughly. He pinned her arms behind her back against the wall, holding them with his weight and one hand easily, trapping her as his free hand tugged her jeans and panties down a few inches. She groaned, a little too in shock to react within her right mind. She bends to his will easily, not even beginning to fight him. He continued to kiss her roughly, lightly nipping her tongue and lip; his free hand slid between her legs, his long fingers sliding roughly inside her, curling against her g-spot as though beckoning for her to orgasm. Those fingers dance inside her for several moments, then began thrusting roughly, his thumb teasing her clit as he gasps into their heated kiss.

She gasped, “Good lord... “ He fucked her with his fingers long and hard, biting along her neck when her gasps of pleasure become too much for her to be able to kiss and still breath. He can feel her tighten around his fingers swiftly; he stops moments before she cums, pulling her from the wall and lifting her shirt over her head, but not off, trapping her arms in it behind her back and pushing her to the bed face-first He grabbed for her jeans and panties, forcing them down around her knees, trapping her. She strained to peek behind her, the sounds of him quickly unfastening his belt sounding what is to come next; he leans his naked groin against hers, the two of them now flesh to flesh. His hard shaft presses eagerly to her slit.

“Tell me you want it, bitch...” His hand held her down by the small of her back, trapping with her arms tangled behind her in her shirt.

She spoke, quiet and barely above a whisper. “I want it...”

He smacks her ass roughly, her cheek red from the strike. “Louder” he orders calmly.

She whimpers, squirming in anticipation. “I W-Want It! Please!” She can hear the smirk in his voice as he grinds teasingly against her slit.

“That's it. Beg for it, bitch. Tell me how much you need my cock...” He smacked her ass again, his shaft sliding along the length of her slit, teasing her clit. She groaned, trying to push back against him, hungry for more.

“I need it, please... No more teasing. I want, need, crave it!” He growled in triumph, thrusting his large member deep inside her roughly, filling her as he began to fuck her deep and hard. She cried out loudly, pulling on her shirt in a sudden strain, gasping for air and blubbering her enjoyment with a rivet of noises following suit. He thrusts hard and fast, sweat dripping from his smiling face, enjoying her noises and squirms as he pounds his shaft deep inside her over and over.

He groaned loudly as he thrust deep, grinding into her. “Cum for me, Brat...” He grasped the hair at the back of her head in one hand, pulling her up off the bed slightly; she would have been on all fours as he fucked harder still, and she strained against the shirt keeping her arms tied behind her. “You like this, bitch? Gonna cum hard all over my cock?” He pulled out of her roughly, quickly removing her bottoms entirely and flipping her onto her back, her arms pinned under her; he lifted one of her legs, propping it over his shoulder as he thrust into her again, fucking her so very hard...

He smirked “You'd better cum soon, bitch, or I'll cum down your throat whether you like it or not...” He kissed her hard, biting her bottom lip roughly as he continued thrusting deep and hard. She cried out in the new position, arching her back and breathing harder than before. Her toes curling, body tensing as she convulsed in twitches of orgasm.

Her shout echoed in the small room, “NYEH!” She tightened uncontrollably around his shaft; he continued thrusting, her tightening muscles swallowing his cock into her.

“Yes!! That's a good little bitch! Cum hard!” He bean spamming inside her as he slowed his thrusts, grinding hard into her, her clit rubbing roughly against his pelvis with every thrust of his cock as he tensed and throbbed inside of her, aching for release.

She moaned in ecstasy, “Fu-fuck...fuck me...fill me up!” He yelled out, biting her shoulder as he explodes suddenly inside of her, thrusting deep with each wave of release...

Finally, he panted against her ear, letting her leg slide from his shoulder to wrap around his waist. “Still think your night is going to be boring...?”

She smirked. “It's certainly...improved.”

He playfully tried to smack her ass, his face in mock irritation. “It better have! That was a damn understatement!”

She giggled, still trying to catch her breath. “Perhaps...”

His expression grew a bit harsh as he began grinding slowly into her again, still hard despite cumming deeply, a Cheshire grin on his face as he lays against her. She moaned in a low tone, biting her lip. “Whatever you want...you can do to me.” She said between slow pants.

He bit his lower lip, smiling. “Hmm... Good, because I wanna fuck you, hard as well as slow, for several hours, until you can't walk...” He lifts her shirt, nipping at her nipple, the tip of his tongue quickly tracing circles around it as he began thrusting slow and steadily. He slid off her to lay beside her as he thrusts, his hand closing gently around her throat as he began to thrust harder. He moaned close to her ear, “Oh, damn, you're such a good little whore... So tight around my cock... moan so good...” His thrusts grew harder, shoving her further on the bed, laying at an angle to her so he could thrust deep and hard, his hand against her throat, holding her down and bracing her so as to thrust even deeper...

Suddenly, he rolled them both over, again taking her from behind, freeing her hands from her shirt and pulling her head back by her hair. She stood on the bed before him on all fours, pushing back against him as he thrust, taking him deep. Thrusting violently, he smacked her ass. “You like this?! Like how I fuck you hard, bitch? God, yes, take my cock!” He thrust deep and hard, pounding into her wet pussy. “Moan for me, whore! Tell me how much you need my cock! Beg for me to cum again!”

She clung to the bedding with loud whimpers; she struggles to catch her breath let alone words, as he pummels her sweet insides “Eh! I-I...need your COCK! Please-please cum!” His thrusts hard and deep, his cock rock hard and slick with her wetness; he pulled her up and back towards him, still taking her from behind. They now kneeled almost upright together, her back against his firm chest as he fucked her hard and fast from behind.

Her ear closer to him now, he spoke through gritted teeth “Such a good whore... Would you like me to cum down your throat, bitch? Or do you want it all over your sweet nipples?” His voice became harsh. “Pick one, and quickly! You don't have much time...” As he spoke, the hand not holding her hair slid between her legs, toying with her clit roughly as he fucked her hard from behind.

She fought for any sense of sanity or wording, mouth corrupted with gasps and her pleading sounds of quickening orgasm. With rushed need she sputtered out the first choice. “Bitch would... please! Please, your bi-itch wants it in sliding down her tongue!”

“Such a good little porn star...” He turned her head, kissing her roughly, thrusting faster for several moments before sliding out of her suddenly, standing on the bed and moving in front of her, thrusting his cock into her mouth. His shaft throbbed in her mouth, right on the verge of release; one hand braced behind him on the wall, his other took the hair on the top of her head and guided her mouth along his shaft, slowly fucking her mouth with his large manhood. She shifted to rest on her knees, hands grasping his hips and relaxing her throat to receive him, looking up at him with wide, watering eyes.

His eyes went wide, held by the sight of her; his mouth wide in a long moan as he grew nearer and nearer the edge... Quickly, he succumbs to her pleasures, brought over the edge violently, exploding hard into her mouth. Her grasp tightened on his hips, nails dug in as she gurgled and gagged but swallowed what she could, a little leakage on her lips and from her eyes as she kept her gaze steady on his face.

“FUUUUUCK YESSS!!!!” he yelled uncontrollably; panting, his legs shook, ready to collapse; strained to let her drink every drop she can. Her head bobbed of its own will, sucking and licking at the cock as she swallows and cleans him off.

Finally, his shaft cleaned by her skilled tongue, she spoke, "Fun, huh?"

He slowly collapsed to the bed beside her. “Oh, another understatement...”

The End

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