Dug in DeepMature

I don't want to give to much away but there's a girl. Men love her. They have things in their heads about her. She takes this as an advantage and makes them pay.

I groaned as he pushed up against me, his hot breath hitting my neck. He kissed me passionately and ran my tounge down his cheek, one hand in his hair, the other around his waist. He pressed me against the wall, breathing hard into my ear. His hand gripped my bum, the other flat against my spine. He smelt like sweat, with the slight hint of Lynx. His legs trembled as I wrapped my legs around his thighs, pulling him towards me. I let out a harsh laugh as he bit my neck softly, his teeth smooth but his action aggressive.

His mouth moved up to mine and I felt his rough tounge on the inside of my cheek. As he was indulged in my mouth, my hand slid into his pocket. I found the dagger and pulled it out discreetly. I pushed against him one last time then stabbed him in the side with force. He gave a gasp before I pushed his body away from me, digging the dainty little dagger in further. I left him to die and leapt out of the window, blowing him a kiss, laughing.

He had it coming.

The End

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