"Ducks" Alyeh said to duck girl.

"You're the leader of ducks lol" she cried out with laughter but Caitlin knew it was true, to BAD to be true. Ollie and Ross went to a special anti duck group and turned them selves back into humans to destroy all ducks and duck girl, Ollie and Ross left Amy in Antarctica because they didn't really care about her no one did accept her mummy and daddy. Ollie and Ross wanted revenge but Imaneh didn't have the duck power she needed. She told all her normal friends that she was truly duck girl because when ever she ran I looked like a duck. Everyone believed her.

"I do believe in ducks girls, I do, I do" all her friends muttered amongst them selves. Imaneh pulled Alyeh by her arm close to herself.

"Look Alyeh your the best and prettiest girl I know, can you tell everyone I'll have to turn them into ducks, everyone would listen to you because your amazing " Imaneh pleaded.

"Yeah any thing for a true "duck" friend" Alyeh said grinning. Alyeh told all her fellow friends, Imaneh knew that Ollie and Ross were coming after her because they had been in Wetherby's most wanted for duck slaying. As soon as everyone was turned into ducks Imaneh held a massive international meeting.


The End

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