As friendly bob was walking towards the two "gangs" there was a faint shadow in the far left. Ollie's eyes glittered up Imaneh eyes widened in shock. It was Caity. Caity was Imaneh's good friend but Caitlin could not control her self in front of Ollie she had a THING for him, but Caitlin saw at the side of Ollie Amy C. Caity's blood rushed to her head, she curled her fingers into fist. Then she punched Amy so hard she went flying to Antarctica (A couple of years after she was found there freezing hugging so ducks =). Then Caitlin pulled on a gingerly smile. The ducks got there duckanators ready to shoot Ollie ad Ross and the other evil ducks and friendly bob. The ducks waddled no one could resist ducks there cuteness was the harshest evilest weapon of all times. They made a puppy face at friendly bob and he ran away screaming (a few years later he was found in an old folks home rocking and the only word he said was the ducks are coming). Imaneh went to Mr ball and told him to stop wearing the same cloths so then the world was a duck friendly place after all the enemies got locked up Ross and Ollie worked for duck they were duck slaves the world of ducks were saved again but Imaneh The Duck Girl!!!!

The End

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