This story is very simple it all about ducks and if you don't like them tuff

The duck was waddled through the harsh wind suddenly Ollie the evil guy and Ross grabbed the poor duck. Ollie mummer to Ross "ducks are healthy for you" but then in PHSCE he said it in front of duck girl........IMANEH. Any way back to the poor duck Ollie and Ross took the duck to Antarctica and they went as well. Ross shouted lets threw some snow balls at all the ducks so they can run away all at the ducks we can find he said this harshly and he looked into Ollie's gold brownish evil eyes. Then the duck ran away from the evil boys the duck never to be seen again. Ollie lived to retell the story in DT with Mr Ball and as he told this story he made a clock and sawed like a lunatic with he cute nose according to Tammy. BUT...............Will the duck girl come to avenge Ollie and Ross?

The End

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