a small duck finds true love and helps get rid of this annoying hunter, will he win?

It was midnight and two ducks, one female one male  was waiting, waiting for the baby to come out, they had waited for ages and the baby hadnt came out but the female was sure the baby would come out that night and the baby did come out, when they were asleep. It didnt cause any pain in fact they didnt even know. And when finally the baby came out and cried they didnt hear. They were too tired. The baby was scared when he came out, his werid looking parents were asleep and he didnt know what to do. He cried and cried but his parents still didnt wake up!. Suddenly a clock chimmed 1:00 am and everything burst open. The baby heard people wake up, cars driving everywhere, birds waking up and near him his parents awaking....

"ARRRRGGG!" quacked the female duck when she saw a mysterious small duck near her and her husband. "What ? who is this !" quaked the male duck. "quack,quack" what ment i am yourr child, i was born last night. in duck talk. The couple looked at each over and relisied he was right.. So for a few week the couple taught the small duck to fly and how to collect stuff for them, but all that time they kept thinking about a name for the smalll duck. Everytime he went they would talk to each over but could never decide. So months went by, week and very soon years. The small duck was now a teenager and his parents were very old. That day when the duck teenager went to get them so food, the couple FINALLY decided on a name, his name was gonna be D.U.C.K. "Whats it going to stand for?" "D means-delicate, U means Unique. C means chatty and K means Kippy. The D.U.C.K  duck. quacked the male duck. So when finally D.U.C.K came home the couple shouted at him "YOUR NAME IS D.U.C.K!" D.U.C.K was happy, he had been wondering when he was going to finally have a name and he did. That night D.U.C.K couldnt sleep, whilst he had been collecting food he met this wonderful duck name Scarlet. Scarlet had looked at him and he had looked at her and he knew she was the one, but when she asked him his name he had just flew away. Now he felt ashamed of himself. "I probably wont see her again!"thought D.U.C.K but he was wrong the next day whilst he was out he did see her. "Hey scarlet!" shouted D.U.C.K scarlet turned and saw D.U.C.K she smiled because she also liked him and today, today she was going  to ask him out so she did and he said yes!. "Come back to mine" said D.U.C.K "Why?" but D.U.C.K didnt answer he just flew back.

That night everyone was happy. D.U.C.K had a girlfriend and his parents were happy, they had had a special celebration and was all now tired but that night a human being had saw the two ducks flying home and planned to kill them, he had followed them all the way to the tree and had waited for them to go  asleep. It had took 8 hours but that was probably because they had suspected something, but now finally it was the hunters turn. So being very careful he climbed up the tree. The tree was very high and the ducks were very high up the tree. The hunter climbed and climbed. He didnt have a watch on but the hunter knew it would of took him a hour for him to get to the highest branch, when he finally got to the top he looked in and saw the ducks. "YES!" he thought. Carefully the hunter put the old female duck in and the male duck in, he was going to reach for D.U.C.K when suddenly something bit him. That thing was Scarlet! Scarlet had heard something climb the tree and had woken up to see, but she hadnt seen anything, as she was going asleep she saw one hand grab D.U.C.K 's parents, and she wasnt going to let them be stolen so she had bit him so that he will wont. The hunter had yelled and that had awoken D.U.C.K too. "Thanks scarlet!" said D.U.C.K as he attacked the hunter too,soon the hunter gave up because he had hurt himself and because it was getting morning so quickly he jumped down and ran home screeming. D.U.C.K and Scarlet was happy.

                                 A few years later...
"D.U.C.K come and help me plz!" shouted Scarlet. "coming" said D.U.C.K, "where was you?" asked scarlet "teaching Jimmy how to fly look out the window!" So scarlet did and she saw her beautiful child fly all around the tree. "Thank you " said scarlet. "No promblem!" said D.U.C.K.
Now D.U.C.K and Scarlet aree happy with their child Jimmy, we shouldnt read anymore because they will get annoyed, so i finsh my tale here but there is one more thing the evil hunter? he got arrested for trying to kill other birds that was illegal.
The end.

The End

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