Dual Shadows

Set in a fantastical land, a young woman, separated from her twin, navigates the mystical, magical, and romantic.


        Her footsteps hissed on the sand as she came up behind him.

        “Shhhh!” he hushed as he looked back at her.

        She lay down on her stomach besides him. “What are you watching?” she whispered.

        He pointed to a rock below the ledge where they lay.

        She squinted. A lizard sat sunbathing on the rock. Or at least she that’s what she thought it was doing, until it suddenly darted and lapped up something into its mouth. A bit of tail was sticking out of its mouth.

        “Ew!” she exclaimed. “It just ate another lizard!”

        “Shhhhh!” the boy hissed at her, but it was too late, the lizard had scrambled away. “Oh that’s just wonderful. You scared it away.”

        The girl frowned. “Sorry.”

        He glared at her. 

        She frowned some more. “I promise to be quiet.”

        He turned his eyes back to the sand. “Look!” he whispered. “Over there!” 

        She looked to where he was pointing. There was a striped thing on the sand beneath the outcropping She leaned slightly further over the ledge to get a better look. It was a snake. It was fairly small so she guessed it was a baby. She watched carefully when it began to move. She wasn’t going to miss anything.

        It wriggled out from under the ledge. It was a few feet out when it suddenly stopped. It raised its head and looked up at them.

        “It sees us!” she hissed to her brother, nudging him.

        “It’s looking at me...” he breathed. 

        “Caden! Kayla!”

        The twins jerked up. That was their mother calling. Kayla glanced back to see if the snake was still there. It had darted away. Climbing to their feet, the twins trudged back to the black tent that was their traveling home. 

The End

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