What happened to Molly

The subject of the conversation between Shadsi and Mephy was a comatose mutant called Molly, a depressed 15 year old with a very short temper. I exist because of Molly. I am not a proper person, I am a soul vampire.




Molly is a very powerful mutant and two terrorists called CeeCee and Darbon Cioxide wanted to exploit her mutations. They decided to hypnotise her and make her kill other mutants. The terrorists had a problem : Molly had a dual personality, the normal nice girl who loved small fluffy animals and me, the rage and the crazy side. The terrorists knew this was a problem and tried to erase the second personality (i.e. ME!) They turned me/the second personality into a different entity. I was just a failed experiment, a bi-product of a crazy plan.

The End

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