Cheers (Drink to that)Mature


"Watch where you're going, freak."

"Excuse me, what the hell are you doing walking right behind us? Don't we have a restraining order against psychopaths?"

"Are you seriously still alive right now? I assumed you would've killed yourself after realizing how pathetic you are."

Porter Pope and her two other blonde bimbo friends, Chlea Harper and Kiara Lennox blocked my way. I stood there, directly across from them, straightening out my black hoodie. 

"Who dressed you? Your gothic, depressed, sex-deprived 40 year-old aunt?" Kiara snickered.

"Who dressed YOU? The costume department for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?" I countered.

Chlea stepped in front of me and said, "Are you saying something? Because I don't think I remember you being allowed to speak."

"And I don't think I remember the last time you actually thought," I said. "You actually need a brain for that, you know."

She rolled her eyes and took a step forward, aiming to lunge at me with a slap. Porter held her back and placed her hand on her side. "Stop, Chlea. Just don't," she whispered. Porter made her way towards me and stepped in front of me. "You know that this little bitch doesn't have anything left in her life. You wouldn't want her to lose her spot in this school either."

"Actually, I'd be enthralled to see her leave," Kiara said. "Her loser stench is making my eyes water."

"Probably that's just your brain seeping through your eyes. Big words like enthralled probably fried your brain and made it melt."

"One more word out of your mouth and I'll slap the living hell out of you," Chlea said.

"I'm already living in hell," I answered. Around us, people were starting to stop and watch. A small crowd was surrounding the four of us. Three Barbies and a Troll.

"Watch it, Audi," Porter said. "I'm trying to do you a favor. You shut up and never speak to us. That way, you lessen the risk of having your life made even more terrible that it already is."

I stepped towards her and said, "My life is not terrible."

"Keep telling yourself that," she said.

"Oh, I will," I snapped. "And you keep telling yourself that you'll keep on being Queen. It's high school, Porter. Who we are here doesn't matter when we graduate."

"What makes you think you're going to graduate?" she asked. "One call to my dad and you're gone, Audi. Just like your jackass of a brother."

Before I knew what I was doing, I slapped her across the face and sent her toppling on her six-inch heels. 

"Fuck you," I snapped at her.

She glared at me and raised her hand to slap me back. Before she could, a hand held her back and pulled her away from me. 

"Porter, stop it. Let's go." 

Tate Harris wrapped his arms around her and kept her still. Porter flicked her hair away from her face and traced her fingers over her swollen cheek. "She needs to pay for that," she snapped.

Tate looked at me and bit his lip, just like he used to do whenever I did something wrong. "She's not worth it," he said, before pulling her away.

He parted their way through the crowd without even looking back at me. Chlea and Kiara both just glared at me, but knew they couldn't step up to me without Porter leading them.

"She's not worth it."

The exact four words he said before he betrayed me, to be the new Golden Boy to his bitch-ass girlfriend.

Not one teacher saw what happened, for which I was thankful. I couldn't get expelled. I would lose the only place I could stay in.

I hid my face behind my hair and pulled up my hood, racing down the hallway. I watched my head for any flying footballs, considering that each of them was aimed at me. 

"Hey, Toyota, why don't you park your nonexistent trunk somewhere else?"

I looked up to glare at the ignoramus who was taunting me. Right in front of my face was the buff chest of Thatcher Saunders. "You gonna cry?" he asked, bending down to look me in the eye.

I rolled my eyes at him and pushed my hair out of my face. "It's Audi."

"Whatever, you're named after a car. If we were naming ourselves after cars, you'd be... whatever car it is that has the lowest price tag."

"Great comeback," I said.

He glared at me and said, "You're lucky I don't hit girls."

"Yeah, you just hit ON them," I said. "Good for you. Your parents must be so proud of your accomplishments."

"Don't even bring up my parents," he said.

"Why? Because they're ashamed of having an illiterate son who only gets through high school by paying people to do his homework?" I asked. "Or because they don't give a single fuck about you?"

He swallowed hard and shook his head. I knew that deep down, he wanted to slam my head down on the floor and have it burst into pieces. "The pot calling the kettle black," he whispered. "At least I have parents. Where are yours?"

I looked away and bit down on my lip.

"I thought so," he said. "You know if you weren't a girl, you'd be long gone by now. No one wants you here. Even your best friend left you to be with Porter."

"Leave Tate out of this."

"Only if you leave this entire school and do us all a favor," he said. "Get the hell out."

"Why don't you make me?"

"If I made you, you wouldn't get out of here alive."

"Threats are for the weak," I whispered. "Which I just came to find, is exactly what you are, Thatcher. You're a spineless asshole. That's all you are."

"Better a spineless asshole than nothing at all. That's all you are."

The bell rang and Thatcher launched the football at me, hitting me on the leg. It was incredibly painful, but I couldn't let him see that he was winning.

"No one wants you here," he said, before leaving.

I tried to hold back the tears and bit down on my lip, making my way to the Nurse's office. I took my phone out of my pocket, with its screen newly cracked. 

First thing I saw: "Matteo Westwick, engaged to marry Haven Charleston"

The End

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