Girl meets Boy, and Boy meets Girl. But are they really only meeting eachother for the first time...?

I was drunk.
I was stupidly, utterly drunk. Ha!
I was a drunken mess.

Everytime I stood up, I would feel dizzy and lose my balence. I would fall down over and over, yet everytime it would be more hilarious for me, and everyone around watching. It was like the world around me was spinning one direction, and I was spinning the other.

Everytime I tried to talk, or even laugh, it just came out as a slur. All my words turned into one big long word, nobody understood anything I was saying. My friend Hannah, who's party the house was at, was a little bit mad about how drunk I was. She didn't like how I was getting all of the attention, and was feeding me virgin drinks to try to sober me up.

But, I still felt great,... just standing and falling. Lying on the cold wooden floor, looking up at the spinning ceiling, while people walked over me smiling and laughing. 

So this is what its like to be drunk? I thought to myself. Haha, this is so wierd...

People were talking to me, trying to help me off the floor, but I stayed there. Watching their lips move like caterpillars across their faces.

I just stared dreamily at them, letting my eyes slowly shut close. I felt great.


The End

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