Great. My first day of school and I already make an idiot out of myself by running into John and sending us both to the floor. Great. Just great. 

There were more whispers after that, passing stories back and forth of how I fell, but some people were saying I was tripped by someone else. Some were saying that I ran into John on purpose for attention. Some were saying that I was running, fell down for no reason and took John with me on the way down.

I'm kind of worried at how fast and how inaccurately word travels around this school.

I got to class successfully, and just in time. The teacher told me to take the only empty seat. Next to John.

More good luck. Hurray.

I went to my seat and sat down, trying not to look too obvious when I brush my hair over my shoulder. I'm embarrassed. Big time. And I don't really want to talk to someone I just flat-out knocked over in the hallway.

"So, you just going to pretend you don't know me?" asks a voice to my right. It's John. I smile behind my curtain of hair and turn to him.

"I'm still trying to get over nearly killing you in the hallway."

He smiles. "You didn't almost kill me," he says. "But I appreciate the thought that you might lose sleep over it."

Sarcasm. I like him already. "Well, you shouldn't expect any less from me, a lowly peasant when I've run into the Great John...?"


"John Wallace," I finish.

"Maybe if you're a good peasant, I'll consider running into you more often," he says, acting superior.

"One could only dream," I say, closing my eyes, as if savoring the thought.

The End

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