I could hear the whispers in the hallway.

Oh, new girl.

She looks nervous.

Is that her?

Her name is Jenny, right?

Yeah, that's what I heard.

What the heck? This was one of the largest schools in the whole freaking state! How could these people all know about me? It made no sense.

I had my schedule from the main office, so I kept looking at that, walking down the hallway leading to the I.C. tunnel. My head was down, and I was just passing the cafeteria when I ran into someone, dropped my books, and fell.

I found myself in the middle of the mess. My books had flown up all around me, and The Catcher in the Rye landed in the middle of my lap. The boy I had run into sat opposite of me, his things mixed with mine on the floor.

"I am so sorry!" I exclaimed, and started grabbing my books.

"It's no problem," said the boy. He crawled over and started helping me with my books. "Are you Jenny? The new girl?"

I smiled shyly. "Yeah. Jenny. You?" I said, clutching my books under my arms, holding out my free hand.

"John," he said with a smile. He took my hand and shook it. "Nice to meet you."

The End

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