Okay. You probably have this idea of Colorado; Everyone there are cowboys. They don't speak with proper English, they all love the outdoors, they all climb fourteeners, and everyone in Boulder is a very healthy, liberal hippie. You probably think it snows continuously through the winter and there is no sunshine until you see spring. Then everyone has to come out of their hiding spot and dig themselves out.

All wrong.

Not that many people here would consider themselves "cowboys." Barely anyone wears ten-gallon hats, like they're made out to be. People here speak better English than I do, and, though many people climb fourteeners, not everyone is the outdoorsy type in Colorado. And Boulder is very healthy, but that doesn't make them hippies. It just makes them healthy.

And I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but these people are lucky enough to see, on average, 300 days of sunlight a year. So, though you may think that the sun doesn't shine at all during winter and there is ten inches of snow being piled up every day, there isn't.

Colorado is actually the healthiest state in America.

And it's called the "Mile High State" for a reason. When I climbed out of the car, it only took me ten minutes to get a nosebleed.

"Can you han me a nabkeen or a tibshoe?" I asked my sister thickly as I tried to stop the flow of blood.

"Sure," she said, reaching back in to the car as the movers brought out our beds and dressers.

"Than koo."

She handed me a napkin, and my nose stopped bleeding after a few minutes.

"It's the elevation," Amelia said. "It might be a little harder to breathe, too. Because the air here is thinner."

"Fun," I said, throwing out my bloody napkin.

She looked at me and saw my expression. Her features softened. "I'm so sorry, Jenny. But the job market here is much better than it is in Florida. I'm going to find a job. We're going to make it work, I promise."

"Why couldn't we have just stayed in Florida!?" I suddenly burst. "You could have found another job! Why couldn't you have at least given me time to say goodbye to my friends?"

"There is nothing left for us in Florida, Jenny! Why don't you understand that?"

The End

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