The Healing Power Of The Rain.Mature

his rectum.  Blondie screamed bloody murder. That’s when the old man grabbed the plank with two hands and gave it a controlled twisted.  He held it there for a moment before pulling it out, leaving Blondie gushing blood.  He took the plank once more, shoved it back inside Blondie, and twisted the other direction. 

He took Blondie’s keys, walked out of the room, and locked it behind him, leaving Blondie to stew in the hell of his own screams and possibly to die.  If Blondie were to survive the blood loss and the shock, he’d never be the same man again. 

He rushed over to Loretta who was severely beaten and crying.  He swooped her into his arms and walked down the hall toward one of the locked exit doors.  When they passed Billy’s door, he stopped.  He set down Loretta, faced Billy’s door, raised his hand, said the word, and Billy’s door crashed down. 

Billy was huddled in bed.  The old man looked at him and beckoned him to follow.  “Where are you going?”  Billy sat up on the edge of the bed.  The old man pointed out Billy’s window to the forest.  And beckoned Billy with his hand once again. 

By now, several of the men in white were running down the hall to investigate the commotion.  The old man picked up Loretta and Billy was close behind.  When they reached the exit, they could hear the men in white shouting at them to stop. 

The old man smashed the door and with Loretta in his arms, they raced for the forest.  There were five men in white running behind them.  Billy could scarcely keep up.  When they reached the edge of the parking lot, the men in white had closed to almost fifty feet.  It wouldn’t be long before they were overtaken.

They crossed over the narrow field and passed the tree line.  The air grew dense and though the cloudy sky and thick tree cover made it hard to see, the old man could make out a trail for them to follow.  A mist began to spray beneath the overgrowth of ferns on the forest floor and spread out behind them. 

The men in white chased behind.  They watched the three escapees pass the tree line and disappear into the forest’s shadow, a misty but dark fog that concealed all light.  The men stopped at the forest’s edge and paused briefly before charging beyond the tree line.  Once enveloped in the mist, they quickly lost sight of each other and of the way out of the forest.  They started calling out for one another, but none of them could hear any of the others.  As they walked further, the mist grew denser and denser until none of them could see his own hand in front of his face. 

The old man reached a small clearing in the forest, where he laid Loretta down on a bed of leaves.  Billy knelt over her.  “Is she going to die?”

Loretta wasn’t conscious and barely breathing.  She had lost a great deal of blood.  The old man could tell it was more than that.  After a long life of suffering and no tomorrows with any joy strong enough to stave off the oncoming struggles, there was nothing left to live for.  In his heart, the old man knew her spirit was giving up.

He knelt down beside her, cradled her in his arms, and wailed out to the sky.  It was so unfair.  That they were finally free and safe and though they found tenderness and love in a wretched place at the end of her long and tortured life her last memory should be the worst in her life.  He wailed out for her death.  He wailed out for her life. 

The rain started to fall down, first a few sprinkles, the drops splashing on the blood on her face.  Then the drops dispersed, growing smaller, but more frequent.  The drops were warm and they made Billy feel good inside.  As more drops fell, Loretta’s blood washed away and her wounds closed upon themselves right before the old man’s very eyes. 

Loretta looked up and the old man gave a shocked smile.  His own wounds started to heal in the power of the misty rain.  And just as the rain made Billy feel good inside, the old man noticed a change within himself.

He looked at the woman in his arms and he spoke her name.

- - THE END - -

The End

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