How To Protect The Woman You Love From Unspeakable Evil?Mature

Blondie walked passed and saw that the old man was awake.  “I told you to behave, didn’t I?”  The old man didn’t react.

         “I told you we’re not paid to handle your bullshit.  Now you have to learn a lesson.”

Just then, one of the men in white rolled someone in a wheelchair into the room across the hall.  It was Loretta.

         Blondie leaned in close to the old man.  “I know about your little girlfriend, old man.  Your door is going to stay open tonight and for the next two nights.”

         The old man’s heart started to sink.  His eyes grew wide.  “For three nights, we are going to brutalize your Loretta in the worst way you can imagine.”  He snickered in in the old man’s ear. 

         The old man started hollering, but nothing he yelled made any sense.  A sneer of a smile stretched across Blondie’s face.  “And it starts tonight when the second shift nurse goes home.”

          The old man was wailing and blubbering and jerking against his shackles.  Blondie whistled as he left the room, twirling his baton as he strolled away. 

* * *

The rage and despair was consuming him.  Every minute brought him closer to a worsening of this living nightmare.  And it was too unfair that Loretta would have to suffer the consequences of his decisions.  There was nothing he could do to warn her. 

Every now and then, Blondie would pop his head in the old man’s room “tick tock…”        

The old man remembered what Blondie had said when he told him to “behave.”  When they found him, he was in a black chain.  Just then, he had a flash of a memory.  Men were coming at him carrying a black chain.  He was on the ground.  Black smoke was everywhere.  He could barely see.  Thunder was rolling and lightning flashing up the sky.  The men were speaking to one another in a language the old man couldn’t understand.  But, they had the black chain.  Somewhere there was a fire.        

By the time the sun had gone down, the old man was no closer to understanding his past or freeing himself from his restraints.  The hallway had gone completely quiet, with the exception of footsteps growing increasingly closer to his room.

By now, the second shift nurse would have gone and Blondie was going to make good on his promise.  

The End

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