Drugs, Thugs, and Natural Disasters

Brody McLellnd

Michael Flynn



Drugs, Thugs, and Natural Disasters


January 24, 2041

Today I was at my barber, that’s also my get away man and my go to man, and we started talking. We talked about our recent “jobs” and how are families are doing. That’s when I came to the conclusion, Compton is quickly going downhill. Gang fights, drug dealings, car chases, and many more. My city is in danger, signs of multiple floods have started to occur. The population was quickly lessening. These actions are horrifying. We need an invention that can save us, something amazing.

February 1, 2041

The Compton population (or what is left of it) is terrified. We have lost our friends and families, and with what is happening, it doesn’t look like it is going to get any better. The floods are now starting to take place right in the middle of the city. Heavy rains are starting, winds are picking up drastically, and the people can now let go of their prized positions. Then, an incredible invention has started advertising up on local T.V, maybe Compton has a chance.

February 5, 2041

It is Compton’s big break, this is just what we needed. This device allows the user to fly through the air, breathe underwater as they swim, on top of that, it is a very comfortable sleeping bag. It is sure to be ground-breaking. The marvelous contraption The Sleeping Water Wings will soon hit stores all over. Compton’s market places are making a ton of money, and soon, the gizmo is sold out, luckily, I bought the last one.


February 6, 2041

We areall using our Sleeping Water Wings, everywhere, the natural disasters have little to no effect on us. Mother Nature didn’t stand a chance. This gadget begins to sell worldwide. After these actions occur, the famous rap group, the NWA, decides that this apparatus is worthy of a song. Soon after the release, the song goes platinum, it tops the charts on every list. Country, rock, hip-hop, you name it, the song was a hit everywhere.


March 4, 2041

The world is now a much better place. Not near as many deaths due to floods occur now. Due to the success, the manufacturer's, McFlynn, restock on the device. The sales are so outstanding that they are now multi-trillionaires. Who knows, maybe the Sleeping Water Wings II will come out soon.

Our media, is the song: Drowned by phish

Link I:Waco Tornado

Link II:Hurricane Rita Tornado Outbreak

Link III: 1995 Marathon Earthquake


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The End

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