Hell And Back AgainMature

In front of the gates to the camp, there were guards. The guards were pretty odd... The one on the right was the one I noticed first. He - I think it was a he - had skin hanging off like he was being starved, a hunched back, one eye, his nose was just his nostrils, and all he was wearing was what looked like a loincloth made of  rags. The one on the left, like the one on the right, had skin hanging off, he also had a hunched back, he had two eyes like a normal human, but he had two horns on his forehead and three on the bridge of his nose, a tail, and had spikes going from the crown of his head to the end of his tail. Like the other, he was wearing a ripped loincloth. The sled slowly slid to the gate, and stopped in front of it. Glen said something in a strange alien language, and the guards replied. As we skidded past the guards, they both looked at me with a mixture of sadness and pity. I had to look away before I started crying.

My breath hitched in my throat and I felt the tears spring to my eyes. The sled kept going, though, so I knew Glen and Lauralie hadn't heard me.

We slowly came to a small tent that looked like it belonged in a circus.

"Angela Walker!" Lauralie called out to the tent. "Angie!"

The sled slowly skidded to a stop, and I felt the same panic come back.

The End

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