Drugged out walk though the cityMature

"Where the hell am i ,i wondered. The scenery was far from normal and seemed to be constantly changeing. The colors were vivid and totally unnatural.Or were they,how would i know what seemed natural or not.Maybe i was unnatural.The thought left me rather frightened.

I shook my head in an attempt to clear my mind of all these abstract thoughts.They seemed to be running through my brain as if it were some sort of race. I decided to venture futher,without any real bearings of where i headed.As i walked i noticed something approaching from the far right,possibly a car i  thought. I didnt dare look though,fearing the possibility of the drugs in my system morphing it into something horrific.I decided to look up to the sky insted, nothing weird or suspicious about that i said to myself.

I couldnt see the sky, but all the lights from windows, on buildings above seemed to be just as intriging.Suddening i felt as if i were floating ,i quickly looked down to see the pave turning an intence hue of blue . "Holy shit!" i yelled. It was as if all the ground around me had been painted while i looked upward.I couldnt help myself as i started to laugh histericly.What a miraculous night, i thought as i walked onward to explore more of this wonderfully colored city.  



The End

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