a man who has every thing
untill he has a drug

he dont know what to do he had a good job  which payed lots of money. he had a wife and two little girls. a big house , nice car  he had it all.  he got drunk because he felt his life was boring now he became a drunk for a year and then he wanted more. he was looking for a women on the road he found, they talked for the first few months. then she wanted more money so she told him she loved him and next time they meet they should have sex.  they had sex for and month and more money was lost. them he goes home and his wife is asking where he goes he says he works over time but she dont see the money. she finds out that he is paying for sex he gets kick out the house and now his lost every thing. he only has a bit of money he pays the lady and the she casts him of in the darkness. now he has nothing.  he starts to rob people for 4 years  he sees his ex wife  he dont know her  he robs her and she fights back  he kills her  .then he looks at her face and know its her  he goes and kills him self. nobody knows what happened to the kids . they just got lost in it all really

The End

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