Drowning Wish

Her eyes closed as the water rushed over her head again. This time, she didn’t hold her breath as she submerged. She wanted to feel the water shooting down her throat, filling up her lungs as it slowly cut off her breath. But, it did not come. The waves rocked her back above the surface again, and she let out a groan. She made it her life mission to see the bottom of the ocean, and if she died trying, her mission would still be complete. Seaweed tickled her feet as it floated around in the storm, and she felt as if her timing could not have been more perfect. The waves thrashed her around again, pushing her further down than before, but again, she rose to the surface. Her head hurt, and she finally felt her breath cut off. Drowning, she thought, spluttering as she dropped, sinking lower and lower. Bubbles escaped her lips as she hit the ocean floor. 

The End

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