"Your eyes used to sparkle, but now they're frozen- like deep blue green icebergs that I can barely stand to stare into."
One-shot, single page, drabble. Enjoy!

I told the truth. After months of hiding, hiding my anger, fear, bitterness, and jealousy behind a mask of smiles and snide, implicative comments, I finally told both of you the truth.

Well, not the whole truth.

You- you, even though you were my best friend, don’t know the real reason why everything started to fall apart, why I was torn up with jealousy. And you say it’s still my fault. Do you even know? You don’t know what it’s like, for every single guy you’ve ever cared about to fall for your best friend instead. You don’t know what it’s like to be heartbroken, to watch someone else have a happy ending, while you sit there alone, always alone and burning with jealousy.

Now, you look at me, eyes so cold, so full of an unreadable emotion. They used to sparkle, I used to stare into them. But now they’re frozen like ice, deep blue-green icebergs that I can barely stand to look at, because they seem to brim with anger and just a cold resentment. What did I do? I only told you the truth. It’s not like I tried, it’s not like I wanted this to happen. I just couldn’t stand to be there, hiding it all, coping somehow through sleepless nights filled with tears and angst. I couldn’t stand to keep lying. So, just picture yourself in my situation. I’m sorry I told you I wanted you out of my life, because in reality, I don’t. But it’s too late. I made the wrong decisions, and I think you’re slipping away from me forever.

And I fall off the iceberg into the cold nothingness below. Because you’re so cold, your eyes challenge mine like flecks of deep ice. And I don’t want to fight you any more. I just wish you were mine.

The End

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