Everyone knows where they were the day the sky fell. Where were you?


Everyone remembers where they were the day the sky fell. The moment the dark clouds loomed over and the water droplets trickled from the sky soaking everything they touched. The sun was completely obscured from view and little did we know we would never see it again. All was cold, dark and damp. The rain was relentless, with each passing day more and more people were evacuated from their flooding homes, forced to flee to higher ground. Families were separated, torn apart by the waters, when forced to choose between dying together or fleeing alone most chose the latter. There were no flood warnings, no signs of the impending tragedy, the rain came, devastated and left. Now here we are, most of us trapped in the top floors of hotels and offices, the tips of skyscrapers were the only thing left exposed. We can’t go down, we can’t go any further up, living in limbo was the only option. Of course any officials and members of parliament were sent to an underwater bunker along with as many members of the armed forces as they could muster. They had plentiful supplies and ample drinking water, life for them carried on as normal, still living in luxury and dictating the lesser people’s lives. The army used to come out in their submarines to bring us limited supplies, rations which had to last us for sometimes weeks on end. We scavenged like animals and battled one another for territory and plastic bottles of water. These deliveries soon stopped when they realised what was in the water. When the submarines stopped coming back. Now we are on our own. I am alone. My name is Liv, short for Olivia, I am twenty three years old and when the sky fell my life began.  

The End

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