Welcome to the night lifeMature

A girl is found dead in the alley way only she isnt dead.
Her skin is cold, heart has stopped beating but she sees through clear eyes and hears every bird that tweets and every human that talks in a crowded room.

It had turned dark outside by the time I had left Mark’s loft; he doesn’t let me stay overnight, so it’s back to the gutters for me. Do I regret leaving foster care? No! I couldn’t I had become too numb to the beatings I didn’t want to cry anymore I had to find more.
I crept down the usual alley. There were three guys down there already I tried to stay out of the other people’s way.
“Looks like we have an intruder.” One of the men snarled I turned to run.
“She looks very young to be homeless.” Another guy said.
“Are you lost little girl?” The first man asked.
I ran as fast as I could into the next alley, luckily it was empty. I slid down the wet bricks and cried into my lap.
“Alexandria?” I heard my name being called.
“Yes?” I lifted my head up and saw a tall, dark man hovering over me.


"Is she dead?"
The woman's words chilled me. Is she talking about me?
"She is not breathing; her body is ice cold. I would say she has been dead for a while," a man pronounced.
There was no fear in his voice. Worse, he actually sounded quite pleased. "There’s a phone box around the corner. Go ring for an ambulance." The same man ordered.
I heard the women's quickened footsteps fade away. I felt the coldness of cobbles under my head and the dampness of blood against my neck. There was a musty smell coming from somewhere behind that stung my nose buds. I could hear traffic passing in the distance. I must have been down an alley.
"Alexandria, open your eyes." The man commanded using my name. If I open my eyes I will wake up from this nightmare, I thought happily. I gently opened my eyes and saw the dark sky above me. "Welcome to the nightlife Alexandria King." His arms were open to usher me off the ground.
"Who are you? How do you know my name?" I asked standing up feeling his power wash over me. The man was tall and well built; He had short dirty blonde colour that reached down to his ears. I could see a scar on his forehead above a beautiful pair of crystal blue eyes .His smile revealed shiny white teeth, immaculate. He was wearing a white blouse with a few buttons open at the top revealing a bit of chest hair. Over his top, he was wearing a leather jacket. He also wore black jeans and shiny black shoes.
As I looked at him, I could see every tiny little detail, the amount of hair strands out of place, the way the thread in his buttons was coming apart.
"Jason Defloure, I am your creator." He began. "My venom sears through your veins, you are now like me. A creature of the night, a monster, kids fear, you have my disease, you are immortal, you are mine." Fangs appeared as his smile widened. I blinked twice and shook my head vigorously.
"This is not real; I am dreaming." I tried to convince myself "I don't even remember getting here, I must be dreaming.”
"I wiped as much of your memory as I needed. How old are you?"
"I'm..." How old am I? How can I not know?
"You're 18 years old, your birthday was last week. Tell me what your mother’s name is?''
I knew that one.
"Your mother died when you were three she was called Susan, your father abandoned you when you were five, he was called Peter you have been in and out of foster care your whole life until you ran away last month, you have been living on the streets since then."
"How do you know so much about me?" I asked holding my head all this information gave me a headache.
"I have been keeping my eye on you. I know more about you than you do."
"What do you want with me?" I asked feeling sick.
"I want a companion someone I can control and teach." He pressed his lips together waiting for a response.
"I don't even know you, I'm not just going to do what you tell me." I shook my head and stepped back.
"I am giving you the opportunity of a lifetime, if you do as I say you will be around for more than just your life capacity, I'm talking immortality. I have homes around the world." He carried on explaining what he was offering, but I couldn't take it.
"No I want my life back, I want to be me again, I want my memories, and I want to remember." I yelled.
"It's either join me or die you can't survive without me the first few days are crucial if you don't feed your body will deteriorate." He Smirked "We wouldn't want that would we?"
"So you're saying I have no choice?" I stated.
"Exactly, unless of course you'd rather die." He almost laughed. "Follow me, Alexandra," he said walking out of the alley with a fast stride. I foolishly followed. I sped up to catch up to his pace.
As I walked I started to look around. The streets were full and everything was blurry like I was passing through on a motorbike or a fast car. Everyone around me was in slow motion, How was this possible? "Anything is possible, it's whether you decide to believe or not that makes it impossible.'' Did he just read my mind? "Yes I did, as your maker I can read your every thought, so I would be careful about what you think while I am around.''
"Okay, so where are you taking me and why are we walking so fast?'' I asked still in total shock.
"To get something to eat, are you hungry?" He turned around and smiled widely baring his teeth.
I was actually hungry I had a dry feeling in my throat I was starving. I nodded to him, but he stopped smiling.
"You will say yes sir, or no sir. Manners go a long way" he snapped. I immediately obeyed.
"Yes sir, I am hungry." I mumbled.
"Good we shall go hunting." He bared his teeth again and started running. I followed after not realising how fast I was actually going. He then stopped in a park, there were a few people walking their dogs. "Prepare for your first meal."
"But there is no restaurants." He looked at me then looked at the people "You mean...them?"
"Yes them, this how we feed, after your first you will be killing left, right and centre."
"But that's murder I can't we will be arrested." I shook my head again.
"Alexandra, I am 950 years old I haven't been caught once. You just have to keep it clean." He started walking again towards a couple on a stroll. "You will take the Man and I will take the woman just bite and suck try not to get blood on your clothes."
I followed after him and he stood in front of the couple. He looked into their eyes and they stared back in a trance.
“Don’t scream, don’t make a noise.” He spoke softly and they nodded their heads in sync. His sharp teeth appeared and he leaned into the woman’s neck and sunk his teeth in.
I smelt something amazing hit my nostrils my eyes darted towards the blood dripping down her neck. Like an animal, I darted towards her knocking Jason across the park.
I sunk my fully grown teeth into her bloody neck and tasted the sweet blood pouring out.
“NO! Alexandria.” I had been pulled off her and pushed against a tree. “She is my food, he is yours.”
I came back to my senses and snarled at him, I walked towards the man, put my nose against his neck and smelt his blood it wasn’t as nice as the woman’s was, but I sunk my teeth anyway, I sucked tasting the sweetness hit my tongue and slide down my throat.
A weird sensation came over me I could see his life like he was reliving it I saw some good times and a lot of bad times and a few embarrassing times, I wanted to see more I wanted to know everything about him.
“ENOUGH, Alexandria, STOP!” Jason flung me off him. “You were about to kill yourself.”
“I want more blood,” I whispered.
"You must pace yourself or you will die." I could tell Jason didn't want to lose me, there was something at that moment that made me realise he was as lonely as I felt.
"I'm sorry Sir, I saw..." I stopped myself finishing the sentence he shouldn't know what I can see there must be a reason why I see things he cannot. "Never mind, I will try to pace myself."
"Good, now I will show you your new home." Jason was off and I followed behind him through darkness.
We came to a halt as Jason sensed something stirring close by. I looked at his face it seemed confused and I knew he knew what was causing his confusion.
"Don't follow me, wait here, I will collect you in a while." He was very calm and worked up about whatever it was that made us stop.
"But...," I began.
"But nothing, Stay." He walked off in his weird-like speed.
I sat on a nearby bench on the corner next to a bus stop, the number 43 bus wasn't in my district, I was almost sure that was miles out of my way. I stared at the buildings opposite me, they were living apartment's the single moguls would live in worth more money than an actual family home.

The End

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