Warehouse Woes

Eddie pulled up outside the dilapadated warehouse that served as the Templeton's offices.  He was still finding it hard to believe how easy it had been to get to this point. 

Sitting in his parked vehicle, Eddie readied himself for what he was about to do.  He glanced another look at the warehouse.  It wasn't the most ideal place to do it, what with the corridors and enclosed spaces; there were too many places for Bud to hide should anything go awry.  But it was better than his house or another relatively public area.  At least this part of town was fairly rundown and desolate; should make for a smooth exit.

He reached into the passenger's seat and grabbed his .45 semi-automatic pistol, positioning it securly in his waistband, and made his way into the warehouse.

He knew the place would be near empty save for Bud, what with most of his employees being caught up in a number of unmanageable, and rather unfortunate, situations.  He smiled inwardly at his good luck.

Eddie slipped through a side door, the sunlight illuminating the dark hallway within for a brief moment.  He shut the door quietly behind him and continued to slink through the building.  The tricky part would be finding Bud's office without too much trouble.

About ten minutes later, Eddie managed to navigate his way through the building without meeting another soul.  He slowly came upon an office, its door slightly ajar.  He had checked all the other rooms down the hall; it was the last one.

He creeped closer to the door, his pistol at the ready.  In the next instant, Eddie could see Bud's startled face peering up at him from behind his desk.  A shot rang out in the small room.  Eddie looked on, a little shocked, to see Bud dive beneath the desk while the shot whistled by and into the back wall.  For an old guy with a fair girth, he was pretty agile.

Eddie let go a few more shots, each missing its target and splintering the wooden desk.  Bud began rifling through the bottom drawer of his desk until finally pulling out his own piece.  Head and shoulders above the desk now, Bud fired off a poorly aimed shot. 

"Who the hell are you!"  Bud managed to shout in frustration, not really expecting an answer. 

The two men began to circle around the small office.  Bud made his way to the other side of the desk while Eddie took cover behind a bookshelf.

Eddie cursed himself for reacting so slowly.  Was he losing his edge? It clearly didn't matter now; he'd be lucky to get out of here alive.  He jumped, as another shot penetrated the spine of a book just inches from his face.  Eddie quickly leaned his gun around and fired.  This time, it was a hit as Bud howled in pain.  Eddie ventured a quick glance; it looked like he had gotten him in the upper arm...hardly an end-all shot.  Feeling a little more confident now, Eddie leaned out from his make-shift shield and aimed.  After this one, he would be outta there. 

Shots rang out.  Eddie caught his breath.  Without thinking, his hand went to his front, as if attempting to hold in the blood.  Eddie slumped to his knees.  He could see Bud slumped over on the floor as well, clutching his chest.

A minute later, both men lay still on the floor, neither knowing if the other lived.

The End

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