Home Again

    Eddie pulled his car up to the apartment building where Moira had led him.  She was writing something on a scrap of paper.  "Okay, So now what?  Am I just supposed to let you walk away?"  He said, trying to gain the upper hand.  Moira finished writing, and handed him the slip of paper.  "This is the home and office address, and the phone numbers of the man you want."  she said softly.  "When you're done with that, you leave town.  You don't touch any other employees." Her voice was calm and direct, like she was ordering lunch.  Eddie tried again to assert himself.  "If I find out you're jerking me around..."  he began.  Moira interrupted in the same soft tone, "If I ever see you again, I'm going to gut you like a fish, and leave you dead in the trunk of your own car."  She stared into his eyes waiting for a comeback.  After a moment of silence, she opened the car door and started walking slowly towards the door of the building.  Eddie's instincts kicked in, and he slid a long black target pistol from under his seat.  As the little red dot settled down on the base of Moira's neck, Something made Eddie think of the first time he had seen her.  She was half dead, tied to a chair being carried into a garage by a pretty tough looking goon and his sidekick.  About twelve minutes later, she had walked out of that warehouse with fresh blood up to her elbows, and drove off in that goon's car.  As Moira pushed open the glass door of the apartment building, she heard Eddie's tires squealing down the street. 

    Moira's hands were shaking as she found the hidden key to Char's apartment.  Being this close to safety caused everything she had been through these past few days to come back in a rush.  As she fumbled to make the key fit, she felt every hand that had groped her. Every knife blade that had opened her skin and every loaded gun that had been thrust at her face came back in a flash, and she was in tears when the key turned and the door finally flung open.  She slammed it, locked, bolted and chained it, rechecking each lock twice.  Grabbing a large kitchen knife, she ran from room to room locking windows, and checking closets to make sure no one else was there.  Only after she had dragged Char's quilt and pillow into the bedroom closet, and pulled down the AR-15 assault rifle from the top shelf was she able to calm down.  In the darkness wrapped in the quilt, with the rifle against her leg and the kitchen knife clutched in her hand she was able to close her eyes and fall asleep.

The End

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