No Mood for Games

    Eddie was in a good mood.  He had a little breakfast under his belt, he had checked with the courthouse to see where out-processed inmates were picked up, and he had parked himself about half a block down from that location to get a good view of whoever came to pick up little miss hardcore.  With any luck he would have one or two more names to scratch off his list by the end of the day.  Bang bang bang.  Easy money.  He put on his sunglasses, and began reading a newspaper. 

    Moira was not in a good mood, to put it mildly.  Maybe it was the skinny toothless woman vomiting all night in the jail cell.  Maybe it was the body cavity search last night by the ham-handed female correctional officer.  Or maybe it was just the past few days being tied to a chair with a broomstick in her mouth, getting beaten half to death.  She couldn't decide, but she had had just about enough.  She was in line with a few other inmates, wearing orange jumpsuits and plastic flip-flops, waiting at the property window.  When she got to the counter, ham-hands cut the plastic bracelet off her wrist, and shuffled slowly back to the shelves behind her.  She returned empty handed.  "Your clothes and shoes were retained because they contain blood evidence."  she said blandly, chewing her gum.  "Lovely." Moira retorted.  Ham-hands continued her speech, "You can't wear the orange jumpers outside.  We can provide you with some gray jumpers for a twenty dollar fee, if you cannot afford the fee, sign this form stating that you are indigent and the fee will be waived."  she said, shoving a clipboard towards Moira.  Moira wrote an obscenity on the signature line, and took her gray jumpsuit into the restroom to change. 

    Eddie saw the small group of women walk out onto the sidewalk.  "Okay, here we go." he said, looking over the top of the newspaper.  A couple of them found their rides right away.  An older black woman walked slowly up the street and sat down at a bus stop.  He spotted Moira looking up and down the street at parked cars.  "Come on baby, where's your boy?" he mumbled. 

    As Moira walked through the door, she stopped on the sidewalk, and took a deep breath.  It wasn't fresh air, but it was city air; restaurants, and coffee, and garbage.  At least they were familiar smells.  She waited for the other women to find their rides, then she started scanning the remaining cars parked on the street.  Two were empty, one was some kind of city worker, an older couple arguing, and... bingo.  Some guy looking at her over the top of a newspaper.  She walked straight towards him. 

    Eddie got a little concerned.  She was walking like she was going somewhere, but there were no other cars down this direction.  What the hell was she doing?  Moira walked up to the driver side, and motioned for him to roll down the window.  Eddie raised his eyebrows.  This had never happened before.  After a confused moment, he rolled down the window.

Moira was in no mood to play games.  "Are you just going to shoot me down here in the street or what?"  she asked directly.   Eddie had no idea what to say.  "Well, actually..." Moira stared at him impatiently, expecting an answer.  "if you want to know the truth, you're not on my list."  he said after a moment of confusion, still not sure how he should deal with this.  Moira continued her line of questioning.   "So what do you want?  Who are you after?"  Eddie scratched his head, and looked around for the hidden camera.  This had to be a joke.  Moira continued staring impatiently, expecting a reply.  "Well, your boyfriend for starters." Eddie said finally, not knowing what else to say.  Moira shook her head, "No. You can't have him.  Who else?"  This was not at all how Eddie had planned for his day to go.  He stammered, struggling think of something.  "The old man." he blurted out, getting exasperated with the ridiculous situation.  "Okay." Moira said.  "I can help you with that."  She walked around to the passenger side of Eddie's car.  "What are you doing?" He said, surprised.  "Open up." Moira said, "I need a ride."  Eddies mouth was hanging open.  He blinked, and shook his head, and after a moment, reached over and unlocked the door.

The End

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