Food Chain

    Hot steam filled the room as Eddie Adams stood under the shower, feeling the scalding water flow down over his dark skin.  He was creeping up on middle age, but he still had the football player's body that put him through college.  He studied law back then.  Now he made a living out of breaking it.  The heat felt good on his stiff muscles.  He had spent the last couple of days driving, following a damn truck.  Being a hired killer is just like any other job.  90% of the work is tedious and boring.  As Eddie toweled off, he checked the time on his wristwatch on the bathroom counter.  His client had requested daily updates.  This was a little out of the ordinary but not unheard of, especially on a job like this that involved multiple possible targets. 

Sitting down on the hotel bed, he dialed his cell.  "Mr. Isaacson please...  Yes, regarding job 1208...  Thank you."  Eddie studied his fingernails while he was on hold.  "Good morning.  I have some updates on 1208.  I can confirm that the delivery was made, and you were correct about the destination...  That's right...  I was able to make contact with one of the subjects, and have some leads on further contact...  I understand...  That's correct...  I'll let you know tomorrow." 

He clicked his phone shut.  It's never good to give too many details.  Eddie had followed the truck, and been watching as Moira was moved into the warehouse.  He spotted Paulie right away.  Isaacson had quite a bit of intel on their competition, so Eddie had good photos of the targets.  His plan had been to get a line on someone in the organization, a little fish, and follow them to a bigger fish.  Then he could pick off the first person, and follow the bigger fish... right up the food chain.  So far, it had worked like a charm.  Moira was good, but he was able to follow them well enough.  When he pulled the trigger on Paulie, he was smiling.  Easy money.  Sammy was tougher though.  He had lost him shortly after the hospital, nearly shutting Eddie down completely.  But he still had a chance.  From the way Moira and Sammy were playing kissy-face, she could still get him back on track.  When he lost Sammy, Eddie went back to the hospital to poke around.  It was his lucky day.  Moira was spending the night safe and sound in a jail cell.

The End

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