Wheels Turning

    Bud couldn't sleep.  It was nearly 2 a.m. but his mind wouldn't stop calculating.  Who would want Char out of circulation?  Where the hell has Martin been?  Bud had a strong suspicion that there was some rot in his organization, but where was it, and how far did it go?  He hoped the insurance policies he had stashed away in that storage unit would be enough to give him an edge.  He still had Sammy in his corner too.  He was pretty sure about that, but Martin was a bigger question mark.  He went over the facts again.  Someone had put out a contract to kidnap Char, not kill, 'kidnap without harm' was the order.  But why?  The only reason to grab a hostage was to make a deal, and everybody knows I don't deal.  I never deal.  I would write off my own grandkids before I would make a deal.  An idea occurred to Bud that hit him like a punch in the gut. 
    Martin always was too much like his dad.  Would he have the nuts to do it?  Would he put out a ticket on his own sister just to get her out of the business?  He knows I would never let her walk away.  Would he do something like this just to get her away from me?  It would be a hell of a risk.  If a hostile competitor like Isaacson got wind of it, things could get really ugly.  He fumed for a minute.  At least I've got baby brother tucked away.  That's my leverage.  They'll have to come for him, and when they do, I'll be able to blow up their little plan, and talk sense to them; get them back in the fold.  Either that, or Isaacson would kill them.  Either way, Bud figured he should be safe.  Comforted by that thought, he was able to doze off in his arm chair.

The End

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