Cutting Loose

    Orin and Paulie lifted Moira down from the back of the truck.  She was tied to a chair with a nylon strap around her waist.  Her hands were bound together in front of her with heavy plastic zip-ties, like the police use now instead of handcuffs.  As they carried her inside, Paulie tried to make eye contact with her, but she just stared straight ahead with an emotionless look on her face.  Dried blood caked under her nose and down the corners of her mouth and she was biting a cut-off broom stick handle in her mouth that was held in place with wire around the back of her head.  Paulie couldn't even tell if she recognized him.  As they set her chair down against one wall of the garage, Orin looked at her and chuckled.  "How you doin' sweetie pie?" he said, squeezing her left nipple through her blood-stained halter top with his thick fingers.  Her expression didn't change.  Paulie couldn't tell if she was even aware of what was happening.  Her eyes just stared straight ahead.  As Orin walked over to close the garage door, Paulie reached in his pocket and slid a couple of razor blades under her thigh, hoping she would be able to use them.  Her face showed no reaction.  Her hands, bound together rested in her lap. 
    Orin swaggered back over towards Moira grinning.  "Well kid, we've got all night.  What do you think we should do to pass the time?" he said, Looking Moira up and down.  Paulie had to distract him.  He had to do something, but what?  There was nothing but the three of them locked in an empty 30' by 30' storage unit.  He did the only thing he could think of.  He walked away from them and laughed; that goofy annoying laugh of his.  "You serious?  Man you're like old enough to be her dad or something."  This ticked Orin off.  His jaw tightened.  "Kid, I'm getting really tired of your mouth."  he said, pointing his finger at Paulie for emphasis.  Paulie kept laughing, "What are you talkin' about man?" turning his back on Orin, acting like he was looking around the building.  Orin's blood pressure went up another notch.  "Don't you turn your back on me." Orin shouted as he marched over to Paulie and shoved him from behind into the concrete wall.  "I'm sick of your slacker attitude!" he said, as Paulie's face hit the wall, and he fell to his knees.  "What's your problem?" Paulie said groggily and he tried to get to his feet.  Orin walked over and kicked Paulie in the ribs with the point of his boot.  Paulie fell to the floor coughing.  "Kid, if you know what's good for you, you'll shut your mouth right now."  As Orin turned to walk back towards Moira, Paulie struggled to clear his head.  When he had hit the wall he was pretty sure his nose broke, along with two of his teeth.  The kick knocked the wind out of him, and he struggled to remain conscious. Still, he managed to lift himself up on one elbow.  "Dude, I think you broke one of my ribs." he sputtered, as blood dripped from his mouth.  Orin saw red.  He spun around, pulling his pistol from it's shoulder holster.  Aiming the barrel at Paulie's head, he said, "I warned you kid.  You just don't know when to shut up!"  As he cocked the pistol forcefully with his thumb, he heard a quiet noise behind him. 
    Moira was running at full speed towards Orin when he saw her over his shoulder.  By the time he started turning around to face her, she was ten feet away, launching herself into the air, reaching for his throat.  For a split second Orin thought it was funny; this ninety pound chick coming at him.  Until he saw the glint of the razor blades she pinched in each hand.  He swung his arm around to hit her just as her hands reached his neck.  He felt a thin blade slash across his upper chest, and snap in half when it hit his collar bone.  Just as this happened, his gun went off, hitting the florescent light, plunging the entire garage into total blackness.   Everyone fell dead silent.  This was interesting Paulie thought to himself.  One enraged thug with a gun, one trained killer psycho-chick with a razor blade, and me, locked in a totally dark storage unit.

The End

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