New Allies

Char grabbed a little pocket sized screw driver from her bag, shoved her gun into the back of her waistband and headed down the hall.

She peered up and down the hall to be sure no one was coming.  She gently pressed her ear against the heavy door; no sounds that she could discern.  She pulled the screw driver from her pocket and started dismantling the door handle.  These electronic locks in all the hotels were cake to get through; probably easier than if she had to pick it, old school, with a hair pin.

She gently pushed the door open, waiting for a reaction in case one of them was still inside.  She could still make a getaway without them seeing her face.  But there was nothing.  She screwed the door handle back in place and slipped inside, closing the door in stealth behind her.

The room was pretty bare.  No personal belongings scattered about; only a small bag at the end of one of the beds.  Guess they hadn't planned on staying too long, Char thought. Just enough time to get me tied and gagged and moved to a new location.

Just as she was reaching for the bag, the door handle jiggled and the door swung open.  Char cursed fiercely and tried to get herself into the bathroom but there was no time.  She pulled out her gun and pointed it at the men, her arms steady.

"Where are they?"  Her voice was calm and cold.

"Alright, Miss Templeton, put the gun down.  Everything is fine."  Gary tried to persuade her.

"Ha, right.  Tell me where they are. Now."

"Miss Templeton; Charlotte," He spoke gently, slowly approaching her with his arms raised. "My name is Kurt Forman.  This is Gary Carlson.  We're both officers with the Philadelphia PD."

"That's a lie."

"I'm going to reach for my badge, okay?"

"Don't."  Char was confused now.  All of a sudden, she wasn't in the loop anymore and that prospect rattled her beyond belief.  She kept the gun pointed at them steadily.

"Charlotte, we've got some things we need to explain to you.  You can trust us; you're safe."

Char couldn't help but chortle at this; in this business, she was never safe.

The End

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