Straight out of the Movies

Char kept a safe distance behind her guy.  She hung around the entrance as she watched him jog across the carpark and jump into a vehicle with another guy.  They pulled out just seconds later.  Char made a dash for the nearest cab.

"Follow that car!" She commanded the driver.

"Excuse me?"

"I need you to follow that car...please."

"Is this some kind of joke?" The driver wheeled around in his seat to get a good look at her.

A joke?  Did she look like she was friggin joking? Distressed at the delay as she watched the car moving further and further away, Char put on her sweetest little girl voice. "Please, sir, this is very important.  If you could just follow that car, that would be great.  You won't regret it."  She smiled sweetly at him.

The driver rolled his eyes and pulled out, just in time to see her guy round the corner and out of sight.

About fifteen minutes later, the car with her guy pulled into the parking lot of a hotel.  The cab driver had managed to stay on their tail without getting too close.

"Stop here."  Char instructed him to let her out about a block away.  She tossed a wad of money up to him; about six times the fare.

"Thanks!" She heard him exclaim as she jumped out.  Just as he was about to pull out, she had a thought and tapped feircely on the window.  He rolled it down a couple of inches.

"By the way, please erase the last twenty minutes from your memory.  You mention anything, and I mean anything, about this to anyone, you will regret it. Gordon." She added, peering at his drivers licence clipped to the visor above his head.  With a frightened look, he rolled up the window and burned it down the street.

Char could just see the men getting out of the car and making their way inside.

There's no way they're holding Moira or Martin here, she thought.  It's too obvious...too out in the open.  She would have to get into the room they were staying in.  She might be able to find some information that will lead her to them.

She sat in a cafe across the street until she was sure they had enough time to get to their room.  She didn't wait too long, however for fear her plan wouldn't work.

"Hi, I'd like to book a room please." Char smiled at the receptionist across the desk.

"Of course."

"I was also wondering if you might tell me what room those two gentlemen are staying in.  I noticed one of them had dropped their wallet as I was getting out of my car but I couldn't catch him in time."  Char produced a black leather wallet from her back pocket.  It was actually her own; her brothers had always made fun of her for being so boyish sometimes; as if she could really help it having five brothers. 

"If you like, I could hold it at the desk for them until they come down next."

"Oh, that's fine.  I would feel much better if I gave it to them myself."

The receptionist was hesitant.  She reluctantly gave Char the room number of the two men as well as her own room.  They were on the same floor: how convenient.

Char couldn't be sure when they would leave again.  All she could do was keep glancing down at the parking lot to see if the car was still there.  Even if it was gone, it didn't mean they both had left.  It was certainly risky.

Finally, two hours later, Char looked down onto the parking lot from the fifth floor room for the millionth time, only to see that it was no where in sight. 

Time to act.

The End

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