Bargaining Chip

    Bud's private cellphone was ringing as he walked out to his car at the end of the day.  He knew the number.  It was Orin.  "Burke, where have you been?  All hell is falling apart on us."  Burke sounded like he was in a good mood, Relax Bud, I got a few more pieces of the puzzle from the kid."  Burke continued, "You know that job we got tipped of about?  It wasn't a hit, it was a kidnap. It was an order to 'pick up and hold without harm' on your little girl Char."  Bud made the connection.  "Yea, I got wind from Sammy that somebody was after her.  Do we know who sent it?" "Not exactly," Orin answered, "but at some point it got sent through Isaacson."  Wheels were turning in Bud's head.  Burke continued, "Well, you know how they operate, they break a job up into little pieces; keep the parts they want, and sub-contract out the rest.  The goons they hired to pick-up Char botched it; grabbed her little girlfriend instead.  After that, I'm not sure what happened."  Bud knew.  Isaacson had to get creative to clean up the mess.  They figured they could use Moira to get Char to come in on her own.  
    "Burke, where's Char right now?  Did the kid say anything?"  Orin Smiled.  "She left town.  My guess is Philly.  You want me to get on a plane?"  "No need." Bud replied.  "Whatever happens in Philly, Char won't play ball."  Burke was confused now.  "How can you be so sure?"  "Because whatever else is going on, she won't deal unless she knows Moira is safe." Bud said confidently.  Burke was still confused.  "Well they must be holding her up there somewhere..."  "Nope." Bud interrupted.  "I bought the 'hold' contract on her this morning.  She's right here in town."  Orin was duly impressed.  "You're amazing Bud."  "Tell me about it.  Now, I want you to handle this personally...." Bud gave Burke the address and hung up.  As he drove  home, he was still troubled.  There had to be more to this.  Char wouldn't rattle that easily.  She was close to Moira, but something had caused her to fly off the handle.  Bud suspected that there was a big brother involved in this somehow.  But which one? He picked up the phone again.  "Burke, it's me.  Listen, on your way over there, stop by Paulie's apartment and pick him up.  Tell him anything.  We may need him as a bargaining chip."

The End

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