The New Problem

Kurt Forman smiled to himself as he made his way to the airport exits. He'd known the hot number in the black skirt was Charlotte Templeton as soon as he'd walked past and caught a whiff of her perfume. Fruity - a little girly for such a tough cookie. She'd follow him to the hotel where he'd turn the tables on her in private.

What concerned him now was that none of Isaacon's goons had shown up to grab her. They wouldn't know Kurt, wouldn't be looking for him. They'd be after her. But if they followed Charlotte to Kurt... things could get complicated.

Kurt's partner, Agent Gary Carlson, had given him an update over the phone seconds ago. Gary was spotting out in the carpark, ready to intercept Isaacson's guys. He was getting antsy out in the cold, trying to make contact with the office for any leads on what might have happened.

Gary and Kurt were already on thin ice trying to save their informant - Martin Templeton - from the Isaacson kingpins. They couldn't afford for this plan to fall apart.

Martin' sister, Charlotte, seemed to be the one person Isaacson was playing ball with. The FBI still had yet to figure out why, but they knew it was because of a drop she'd made here in Philadelphia. And, oh, they knew all about Bud Templeton, his shady operations, and the twisted family tree.

Martin and Sammy Templeton had given them enough intel to put the old bastard away for five lifetimes. That was the only reason they might catch a deal with the US Attorney when the whole thing blew up. If Charlotte played her cards right, she might catch one, too.

But ultimately it was Isaacson Kurt wanted. And only Bud could bring the FBI to him.

Until now. He needed Charlotte Templeton.

Kurt gave a cursory look over his shoulder, pretending to show defeat to the nearly empty baggage claim. Charlotte got to her feet and shimmied the hem of her skirt down to her knee. She was good, he'd have to admit. He'd panicked after losing track of her between the airport check in and boarding.

But that perfume...He smiled. He couldn't wait to meet her.

The End

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