Why was this happening to me? I'd never cursed anyone before, but all of a sudden everything I was saying was taken literally by the gods and preformed on the people I hated most. Already one person was dead and one was mute.

The bell rang and I hurried out of the classroom. Maybe I was sick? Yes, that was it. I hurried down the hall to the nurse's office all the while thinking Get out of my way, get out of my way! The path in front of me was suddenly clear as students were jerked to the lockers.

"Nurse!" I called as I ran into the room. "Nurse!"

A ancient woman came out of the back room. "Yes?" she smilied.

"I think I'm sick," I told her.

"Sit down," she said, pointing to a cot. I sat down and she stuck a thermometer in my mouth. "No fever," she said, pulling it out. "What hurts?"


"Then why do you think you're sick?"

"I... can't... say," I told her. Please just let me go home! I thought.

"Okay, I'll call your mother and tell her to pick you up, you go get your things," the nurse said unexpectedly. My powers were getting stronger.

I walked slowly down the hall trying not to think anything. No one was still in the halls but still, I didn't want pigs to start flying in the windows eating everyone and everything in sight! No, don't think! I yelled at myself.

I gathered my things from my locker and started to walk out the door.

The End

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