Caveat Emptor

*The Prime Suspect in a human trafficking ring and what police say is an associate were found burned to death today under suspicious circumstances. The bodies were found by authorities...*

The shabby young man sat stunned at the bar. Lost in the news feed.

"That's me isn't it. They think I was an associate. Good Christ I'm dead aren't I." The words fell tinny and dejected from his pale lips. Not even questions, just confused, begging statements.

"Of course it is. You were. And yes, you are." The thrill of the pursuit had left me, feeling callous and guilty. "You said you would give anything, and you did. Everything in fact."

"Are you the Devil?" The fear had started to settle in. "Am I going to Hell?"

"In a way on both counts." The scar started to hurt. I couldn't stop thinking of the silver I'd bought and what it had cost me. Divinity has a cruel sense of humor.

"Have a seat kid, I'll pour you a drink. There will be plenty of time for questions."

The End

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