A Drowning Man

"What the hell do you know man?" Shaking now, his agitation was the ozone smell before a lightning strike. I just pulled my collar back to show a scar that looked suspiciously like it had been left by a failed garroting.


"So listen, you seem like a good kid. But being a good guy isn't going to help that little girl."

"Hey, I know man. I'll do whatever it takes. Do you know somebody?" His amateur attempt at a conspiratorial lean only enhanced the desperate gleam in his eyes. His breathing had changed and the tears had stopped. He had all the rope he needed, the noose was tied, all that was left was to kick the stool and watch the dance.

"Write your name on this" a discreet napkin and pen slid across the bar. Our eyes met. "Go confront your brother, I'll take care of the rest.

His eyes widened as he hastily signed his name and sealed his fate. "What do I owe you?"

"There will be plenty of time to hash out the details later. For now just go, and good luck". He was gone before the pen hit the bar.

The End

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