Mission 1: Kill The VampireMature

(A woman looks through binoculars on a balcony wearing an obviously expensive and luxurious robe)

Woman: Let’s see here…Everything seems to be going accordingly-What? Who is this? (A man in a hat and long coat is slowly approaching with a suitcase in hand) Naomi!! Naomi!!-

Naomi: (seemingly in a rush) Yes Princess Kahna!

Princess Kahna: Who is this man?!

Naomi: What man-

Princess Kahna: Look! Are you blind or something?! (pushes her to the railing where she almost flips over)

Naomi: I’m so sorry Lady Kahna! (looks around and sees the man) I’ve never seen this man before in my life! What’s he doing here? Don’t worry. I’ll handle this! (runs)

Princess Kahna: Quickly! It’s almost time for my daily foot rub! Who is this man? Such inconsiderate timing! Get rid of him!

Naomi: Yes ma’am! (runs)

(Naomi meets the man out front and is given a letter)

Princess Kahna: What the-…a letter? So he’s a courier…that’s okay then. (Naomi returns and hands the letter to her) Are you mad?! Read it to me! You don’t want me to get a paper cut, do you?!

Naomi: Oh, of course not! I’m so sorry! (clears throat before she reads) Dear “Princess” Kahna Juukerheild-

Princess Kahna: What’s with the quotations?!

Naomi: You have been inducted into Drifting Wind Academy.

Princess Kahna: Drifting Wind? What the heck is that?

Naomi: A school for assassins.

Princess Kahna: What, like for hit men?

Naomi: It says they know of your skills and they’d like you to help them. You’ll be getting paid. Look princess, it says they’ll pay you an advance for just joining!

Princess Kahna: How much?

Naomi: 350,000-

(The Next Day…Princess Kahna is sitting in a large room asleep with an open pamphlet on “new assassins” on her face...She wakes up…)

Princess Kahna: (sees everyone around getting up and walking out) What the-…what’s going on?

A dark haired boy: We’re going to get our housing and then we go to our assigned area.

Princess Kahna: “Assigned ar-“ What are you babbling about?

Dark haired boy: You’ll figure it out. And if not…oh well. (walks away)

Princess Kahna: How dare you talk to me that way! Ugh!

(In front of an old looking building…)

Man: This is the last one! Enjoy! (hands Princess Kahna 2 large dull rusted keys then walks away)

Princess Kahna: (stares at the keys) ……You’ve gotta be freaking kidding me! I deserve way better than this! Damn this…(opens the door and turns on a light to see dust and cobwebs everywhere then screams)

A girl with black and white hair: (appears behind Kahna, slams the door, and holds a hand over her mouth) I could’ve killed you. And I can kill you right now too.

Princess Kahna: (mumbled complaining; the girl removes her hand) –You’ve got a lot of nerve pulling something like that on me! I’ve got-(the girl covers her mouth again)

The girl: It’s better like this.

Girl with long golden hair: Tysa. Let her go.

[Tysa Muyikami]: (lets Kahna go) Yes, Masaya.

Princess Kahna: What is going on here? Why are you girls in my-

[Masaya Ueda]: You’re mistaken miss. We’re the ones that reside here.

Princess Kahna: No way! I just bought the residence! (shows keys) Look here! Now you can get out or I can throw you out! Your choice! Choose wisely.

(A few seconds go by and Princess Kahna is thrown out)

Tysa: (giggles)

Princess Kahna: You’ve got some nerve! How dare you?! Do you know who I am?! You have to recognize this perfect body and flawless face.

Masaya: (sighs)

Tysa: Do you know who she is, Masaya?

Masaya: Sadly…I do.

Tysa: You do?

Princess Kahna: What do you mean, “sadly”?

Masaya: This is princess Kahna. She rules a neighbor land thanks to her step-mother or whoever. She truly was an evil woman to put her in charge…

Princess Kahna: What does that mean?!

Tysa: I feel a little sorry for her people…

Princess Kahna: Hey!

(The top window is opened and a female with golden & black hair sticks her head out the window)

Female: Yeah…I ‘really’ didn’t want to say anything, but…(sighs) How do I say this? I’m gonna need you guys to shut up. I’m trying to sleep so…yeah…thanks! (closes the window)

Princess Kahna: Who was that?

Masaya: Kija. Don’t mind her.

Princess Kahna: I have to mind you all! I’m the one supposed to be staying here!

Masaya: Show us you’re worthy of living here. And you can stay. (pats a sword at her side)

Princess Kahna: Very well. But when I strike; I strike to kill. Just know that.

Masaya: (laughs) I don’t want you to fight me!

Princess Kahna: Huh? You don’t? Then what did you mean?

Masaya: You take out this guy I know…and you’ll have proved yourself.

Princess Kahna: Alright. What guy?

Masaya: His name is Obi Makrowift. He lives in a place called Backwater Grove. Sometime North of here.

Princess Kahna: What’s his story?

Masaya: He’s a vampire.

Princess Kahna: A v-vampire? You’re kidding, right?

Masaya: Nope.

Tysa: I think she’s scared.

Princess Kahna: I am not!

Masaya: So you’ll do it? We’re all too scared to go. If you were to do this successfully; you’d be considered a her-

Princess Kahna: Say no more! Your savior is here! Lucky you I decided to attend this little academy. I’ll be seeing you again soon. (begins walking away)

Masaya: That got rid of her.

Tysa: Yep. (slight chuckle) “Obi Makowift”…

(Kija opens the window)

Kija: You just sent that girl to die?

(A teenage girl with red hair to her shoulders walks to the door)

Masaya: There are no vampires around here. It’s just a little joke. Maybe she’ll leave us alone after this.

Tysa: (looks at the girl at the door) Setsumi? Is something wrong?

[Setsumi Louh]: (closes her eyes and walks back in)

Tysa: Huh?

Masaya: Ignore her.

(Outside the academy gates…)

Princess Kahna: North is…….um……this way?? (points hesitantly)

Boy with dark hair: That’s wrong.

Princess Kahna: Huh? Who said that?

Boy with dark hair: (At the gates leaning against a wall) Here.

Princess Kahna: (Quickly turns around) You…who are you?

Boy with dark hair: My name…is unimportant at the moment.

Princess Kahna: Wha-?! Then what do you want?! I’m busy!

Boy: North…is to your left.

Princess Kahna: …Alright then. Thanks…

Boy: Where are you heading to that’s to the North? You’re not really supposed to be leaving during these hours.

Princess Kahna: Aren’t you new too? Where do you get off telling me what I’m “supposed” to be doing?

Boy: I’m just tryin’ to make sure you don’t get hurt.

Princess Kahna: “Get hurt”? (chuckles smugly) You must not know who I am. I’m-

Boy: Kahna Juukerheild. Princess…Kahna Juukerheild…

Princess Kahna: So you do know me. Good.

Boy: It makes no sense to go North of here. There’s nothing, but plains of dead grass and even…dead dirt…

Princess Kahna: (to herself) Okay, obviously this guy is a complete lunatic…(to him) I happen to know there’s a vampire that lives North of here so you can just quit lying to me, okay?

Boy: (gasps) Why do you want to see the vampire?

Princess Kahna: I know ‘you’ are probably scared, but I’ve got to kill this thing. I’m not afraid of anything, but having the wrong brand of make-up.

Boy: (chuckles) I know exactly where the vampire stays. I can take you. If you want.

Princess Kahna: It would be nice to have an escort…Alright. I’ll allow you to take me there. How long will it take?

Boy: Don’t worry. I know a shortcut. (begins walking and Princess Kahna follows)

(A Little While Later…)

Princess Kahna: Gosh, this is taking a lifetime! I thought you knew a shortcut!

Boy: We’re almost there.

(They walk into extremely thick fog)

Princess Kahna: (gasps) Where’d you go?! (her arm is grabbed and she’s rushed through the fog at a high speed; a black moon is in a green sky and an old looking cabin lays in the middle of the land with mucky waters near it)

Boy: We’re here.

Princess Kahna: Ew. It’s gross. A beast is sure to live in this place. Let’s see…I don’t have a crossbow, but…My bow and arrows should be good enough. (takes out her bow and arrows) Let me know if you locate the vampire before I do.

Boy: Will do.

(Princess Kahna peers through the windows of the house seeing nothing; kicks the door open)

Princess Kahna: Come out now, vampire! (Silence) Oh, so you’re afraid? Understandable. You probably think because I’m wielding a bow and arrows that you can attack me quite easily, but…yeah…that’s not true. I’m awesome at long ‘and’ close range. Even with this type of weapon. Still…come on out…(Silence) Really? Still no answer? (sighs)

Boy: Hey! I think I see the vampire! Come quick!

Princess Kahna: (gasps and runs outside to the boy) Where is it?!

Boy: (slowly points to something on the ground)

Princess Kahna: (sees a shard of broken glass on the ground in front of him)…That’s…your reflection…

Boy: (smiles so his fangs show; his eyes glow a bright red) …But soon she’ll be one…Maybe you should kill her too…(kicks the glass over to her feet so she looks down into the mirror at herself)

Princess Kahna: (grunts and the boy knocks her down; screams)

Boy: You’re with me now… (picks her up and attempts to bite her)

Princess Kahna: (kicks him forcefully back and lands on her knees) I don’t think so! You trick me and then try to turn me into a vampire?! There’s no way in Hell!

Boy: (smirks) There’s no way you can win.

Princess Kahna: We’ll see. (stands up and aims an arrow at him)

Boy: You can’t hit me with those.

Princess Kahna: (the arrow’s tip catches on fire and she shoots it) Hah!

Boy: (dodges) Sad-huh? (Several more of the same arrows are quickly heading towards him and he dodges them all but his shirt is grazed by one; he glares but sees Princess Kahna is not in the same spot) [thinking: Where’d she go?!]

Princess Kahna: (behind him; swings a sword at his head, but he dodges) Die demon!

Boy: Demon? I’m hurt.

Princess Kahna: No, not yet! (attacks swiftly a couple times before kicking at him because he dodges every attempt at a hit) Ugh! This is getting annoying!

Boy: I agree. (puts a hand up and she is blown back in a strong gust of wind into the water)

Princess Kahna: Dammit! Now I’m covered in filth! You’re gonna pay for this!

Boy: I’d hate to disagree, but…(appears behind Kahna and dives her head into the water to the bottom making a giant hole)

Princess Kahna: (yells out in pain then grabs his leg tightly)

Boy: (steps on her arm with his other foot making her scream and then kicks her all the way into the building) You’re not strong enough. Let me save you from your feebleness. (appears beside her and kneels as she struggles to get up) With “strength” like that...you’ll only be a liability to everyone around you. (holds her chin making her look at him) Becoming a vampire automatically makes you a whole lot stronger than a mere human. Take my word for it. Okay?

Princess Kahna: Get your hands off of me!...Before I detach them from your wrists…better yet…I’ll remove arms! (grabs his arm and pulls out a dagger and brings it down on his shoulder)

Boy: (grunts and grabs her wrist when the dagger is halfway through his shoulder)[thinking: How the hell did this happen!?](pushes her head back so she falls and tries to remove the dagger from his shoulder but cries out in pain) You bitch…(stands up)

Princess Kahna: I ‘will’ kill you!

Boy: Is this dagger enchanted?

Princess Kahna: That doesn’t matter…

Boy: ……(grabs her by her throat and lifts her high) I thought to kill you…but I suppose if I was to save you…you’d be a little more kind to me…you see, my fangs have a  certain venom on ‘em…if I turn you into a vampire, you’ll be under my control…forever…because you’d be unable to die. At least of natural causes and most other things too.

Princess Kahna: No!! Let me go!!

Boy: (attempts to bite her neck, but stops due to a girl’s voice)

Girl: Stop right now! Put Lady Kahna down this ‘instant’!

Princess Kahna: Is that…Nye??

[Nye Palowski]: That’s right, Lady Kahna! Miss Naomi informed me that you’d be at some sort of academy for assassins. But my tracker told me you were somewhere in this area. I’m glad-

Princess Kahna: Wait a minute! Hold up! You had a tracker placed on me?! Where is it?!

Nye: W-well, it’s actually ‘inside’ of y-

Princess Kahna: What?! You better hope he kills me!

Nye: (gulps) I-I would n-never hope something like that! Now as I said…drop Lady Kahna!

Boy: (drops Kahna and she grunts sorely) There ya go.

Nye: Ah! I’m sorry, Princess Kahna! Now for you! Who are you?!

Boy: You don’t need to know…

Nye: Well, fine! (pulls out a duster and shakes the plumes off and knives pop up out the end)

Boy: This is absolutely pointless.

Princess Kahna: No, back off, Nye!

Nye: Wha-…but…Lady Kahna…

Princess Kahna: Normally I’d let you fight a battle for me. But this is too dangerous. You can’t handle it.

Nye: But…Princess…-

Princess Kahna: Enough! Plus…I have to do this…normally I’d give up because I don’t have to prove myself to anyone. Especially not those nobodies that are stationed at the place ‘I’ paid for! But this fight…is personal now…because he betrayed you princess!

Nye: …Yes, princess…

Boy: I didn’t betray you. I never said I was on your side. You just assumed because I said I’d help you. But…good. Don’t let your friend interfere. If she does…I’ll just turn you both into my servants.

Princess Kahna: Bastard…(pulls out her bow and arrows)

Boy: That again?

Princess Kahna: (shoots a multitude of arrows at him and he tries to dodge them all but is hit by the last 2 so she shoots a couple more and they all hit him but the last one and he is shocked by electricity from the arrows and drops to his knees) Looks like I have the upper hand now.

Boy: (laughs)

Nye: What the-?! He’s laughing!?

Princess Kahna: What’s so funny?!

Boy: Looks like you should get some glasses. (appears above her and kicks her down)

Nye: Lady Kahna!

Princess Kahna: I’m fine!

Boy: (picks her up and throws her against the wall and a crack appears when she falls to the floor; kicks her through the wall and she flies all the way into a tree)

Princess Kahna: (screams) Damn this! Where’s my sword?!

Nye: I’ll find it!

Princess Kahna: No! Stay where you are! No. Just get out of here! I don’t need you to help!

Nye: I can’t leave you until I know you’re safe!

Princess Kahna: You’re such a pain in the ass!

Boy: (attempts to kick her head into the tree, but Kahna dodges and his foot goes through the tree)

Nye: Oh my goodness!

Princess Kahna: [thinking: He’s extremely powerful! Kahna, how are you gonna accomplish this?!...]

Boy: You have resolve. (puts a hand on the tree and tries to remove his stuck foot) I’ll give you that much. (tries to remove his foot again) It’s annoy-damn this tree! (continues trying to yank his foot out) Oh my goodness! This sucks! Help me help me help meeeee!!!

Nye: Really…

Princess Kahna: You cannot be serious…

Nye: This is your chance, princess.

Princess Kahna: You’re right. Now leave!

Nye: I apologize in advance a thousand times, but I won’t! Not until I know you’re safe!

Princess Kahna: Ugh! (rushes towards him and stops when the arrow touches his head)

Boy: (gasps)

Princess Kahna: Say your prayers, vampire. This one’s like a stake.

Boy: (pushes on the tree and it disintegrates; disappears when she shoots the arrow)

Princess Kahna: Dammit dammit dammit!

Nye: What’d he just do?! Where is he?

Boy: (behind Princess Kahna; grabs her so that she can’t turn around and attack)

Nye: Hey!

Boy: (whispers in her ear) I submit. For now. But don’t think this is over. (let he go and she swiftly turns around)

Princess Kahna: Oh no you don’t! (gasps when she sees he’s no longer around; growls)

Nye: (sighs) I’m so glad you’re okay…

Princess Kahna: [thinking: I didn’t defeat him though…] (looks at the blood on her clothes)

Nye: Are you okay, milady?

Princess Kahna: (smiles) Yes. I am. Now get out of here before you’re penalized for not following orders!

Nye: Yes ma’am!

(Later-night… knock on a door…)

Kija: (opens the door; yawns) Yeah? Hey, I saw you earlier…

Princess Kahna: Alert Jamaya or whatever her name is. I’ve defeated the vampire.

Kija: (slight gasp; looks at her bloody clothes and gear...) Hey guys…she did it…

Masaya: Who did what? (sees Princess Kahna) What? No way…

Tysa: But…I thought the vampire was just a story to-

Masaya: (coves her mouth) Quiet!

Princess Kahna: Whether it was a story or not…I faced a vampire. Now get out of my housing like you said you would do!

Masaya: Whoa…we didn’t say we’d get out…you can stay here with us.

Tysa: What?

Princess Kahna: (sighs heavily) I guess that’ll do for now. Considering I need my beauty sleep that is. You’re lucky I’m so tired. (walks in) Someone draw me bath as well. And make me some tea.

Tysa: Do you really think she defeated a vampire?

Masaya: I don’t know.

Kija: She doesn’t seem capable.

Masaya: We’ll find out in due time…believe me…

The End

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