El Hobo

A hobo comes into Pams store.

Pam noted that the disheveled man in the long brown, wet coat had been intently studying the sandwiches in the chiller cabinet for a good five minutes… at least. He constantly kept looking down into his hand, at what looked like a fistful of change, trying count it.. maybe hoping more would appear !?

She had wondered if she should call the duty manager. But she decided to give the fella a break.. he looked liked he was trying to see what he could afford.

Finally, after what seemed like another five minutes he hesitatingly pulled open the chiller door… as if worrying to the last second whether he'd made the right decision. "Alleluiah, at last", Pam said under her breath.

"What dear?", shouted Mrs. McCluskey, from the other side of the check-out counter, grinding her hearing aid into her ear in the hope that that might somehow block out the tinitus buzz that came from inside her ear.

"I said, praise be to god for the good weather at last", Pam said loudly.

"Oh yes, yes..", Mrs. McCluskey nodded her head, looking even more confused as she looked out the stores' front window-wall, at the rain belting down.

Pam smiled sweetly and continued checking-out and packing Mrs. McCluskeys shopping into the brown paper bags.

She glanced over to the sandwich cabinet… the man was now approaching the checkouts. Pam wasn't sure if she wanted him to come to her… she wanted to study him more closely.. it was her hobby, classifying people and making sense of the world by finding a place for everyone. But she was also afraid of interacting with the.. the vagrant. What if he was abusive… or smelly… !? "But how do you know he's a vagrant… can't judge a book by its cover", her politically correct alter ego battled with her.

The decision was made for her as hobo-man took up a position behind Mrs. McCluskey.

Pam hoped that no one had noticed her unusual interest, as she rushed Mrs. McCluskey's through check-out. "Have a nice day now, Mrs. McCluskey", Pam waved at the slowly departing figure.

Pam turned to the object of her study…

The End

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