Controversial Ponderings

More pages coming (maybe not so) soon! I'm thinking this was just a warm up for a different story that interests me much more.

Leaves stirred in the gentle breeze composing a soft symphony of hushed music that soothed the soul. Through them, streaks of brilliant sunlight illuminated the empty street below. The warmth that accompanied them was comforting. "I wish I could always feel this calm," a young man thought aloud as he slowly walked down the middle of the road, trees lining one side and abandoned shops the other. "Perhaps I should visit more."

In the distance, he was acutely aware of a gust of wind that was quickly approaching him from behind. The leaves it flowed through would suddenly frenzy then, just as quickly as it had started, they would resume their quiet whispers as the gust passed to the next tree and the next. The resulting noise was like a growing unrest that would soon overtake him. Perhaps it's an omen for what's to come, a voice said from the back of his mind. Or perhaps it's just your imagination, another one retorted. "It's probably nothing," he admitted. Nothing in his life seemed to be awry so any doubts he was having now were completely unfounded but, as normal as it was, there were still those occasional... occurrences that plagued him. Those occurrences that were a normal part of his life.

Since as far as he could remember he could sense and sometimes see things---disturbing things---that would send any man down a path to insanity. Granted, when he did see something it always only lasted a few moments and was never clearly visible, but still it had happened enough to make him question himself. Perhaps you really are crazy, he thought to himself as he shuddered briefly from the sudden chill the gust had brought upon him. "Well, there's no point to lingering on it," he said half-scoldingly to himself. "God knows you've already beaten the subject half to death, many times. Might as well think about something else."

But despite his best efforts, he couldn't think about anything else. Here he was, walking down a barren street, in the middle of a ghost town, on his way to visit a friend who didn't exist in a place that didn't exist. Better not let him hear you say that. He'll give you an earful, he chuckled. I guess your imaginary friend would insist he's real if you really were crazy. It only makes sense, he grimaced as he tossed that lost thought from his mind.

For the next couple minutes he walked in silence with only the subtle rustling of leaves in his ear. The shops to his left brightly reflected the sun, half blinding him whenever he dared look away from the shady street he was walking along, but he had to to make sure he found his destination. It wouldn't do to accidentally miss it then end up being late because he had to backtrack. Punctuality was important to his friend and he didn't feel like getting chewed out today. With that in mind he decided it was best to bear the pain and keep an open eye for the shop with the blackened windows.

The End

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