Making the Team

His teammates rushed to him and before he knew it, he was on their shoulders.  They were all yelling to him and patting him on the back.  He couldn't believe he was the one to score the winning goal!  The pass from Jake had been perfect which made it easy for him to kick the ball into the corner of the goal.  It was off to the left side which caught the goalie off guard.  Usually he was the one on the bench watching everyone else play.  He had been injured last season and had been working really hard to be able to play again.  This moment was one he only dreamed of.  He was now a senior and this was his last season playing for the team.  This win allowed them the chance to go to the finals.  The crowd was still screaming and cheering as his teammates let him back down on the field.  His coach came running from the sidelines to congratulate the team for the win.  He approached me and said "See why you never give up! Let's go shake hands with the other team."   They all walked over to shake hands with the other team.  He knew he would never forget this day!  Now the team had to get ready to play in the finals on Saturday.

The End

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