Dribbling towards Destiny


Dribbling towards destiny

“His legs itch to take one more shot, one more chance to outrun himself. The adrenaline started plunging through his veins as he sees it approaching. He springs up almost unaware, his muscle tense, give way to the ball. He takes his shot and hopes… there is a great pause… he’s still on his toes; he hears his heart pounding like never before. Everyone in the audience rises with excitement... It is like this moment of uncertainty that never ends… then, it happens, that sound, the ball hits the net! His heart quivers instantly. Nothing can stop him now, the triumph fills him up completely, and he springs up in joy. There were uproars from the crowd. Everyone is screaming his name. He looks behind, all his teammates running up to him patting him on the back… but apart from that, he hears his breadth, every defeat now meant nothing to him. Today, he did it.”

The End

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